An art-loving bartender

It was a sunny weekend day and Kaline, a 43-year-old advertising account manager, found himself at home with his fiancé. The two had nothing planned and it occurred to Kaline that they should take advantage of their down time by having a drink together on the patio.

“But we had no idea what drinks we were going to make and we had no ingredients,” he recalled.

So Kaline did what he usually does when he’s looking for quick inspiration, he pulled up Pinterest.

Kaline searching for a cocktail using Pinterest on his smartphone

Keeping it simple

As he scrolled through his cocktail board, Kaline looked for something simple and refreshing. He was ready to try something new and just needed to find the right idea. That’s when Kaline spotted the recipe for a pineapple-rum cooler. It sounded delicious and only called for four ingredients: pineapple, coconut, lime and rum.

Account manager and cocktail lover, New Mexico
“I started using Pinterest for cocktails because I started having guests come over to my house more. I wanted to find impressive cocktails for people, not just regular beer and wine.”
98 %
of Pinners try new things they find on Pinterest
73 %
say Pinterest helps them feel more creative
A refreshing find

After a quick trip to the grocery store, Kaline was soon back in his kitchen whirling the freshly-purchased ingredients together in his blender. Then he was outside on his patio, sipping sweet, icy cocktails, snacking on chips and guacamole, and enjoying his afternoon with the person he loves most.

Kaline has been saving food and drink recipes to Pinterest since he first discovered the platform. He often pulls up his Pinterest profile at the grocery store when he wants to make something special, and fills his cart with the ingredients for a special recipe.

But it goes much deeper than that.

“I use Pinterest I think as my therapy,” Kaline said. “Honestly, it's how I wind down at night, and it's just really easy for me to look at everything and just start saving things I like.”

95 %
of Pinners discovered new food and beverage ideas on Pinterest
72 %
find branded food and beverage content on Pinterest useful
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