A college freshman who does her research

Jillian always knew she would attend college. She also knew that regardless of where she went, she was going to need some new supplies for her next stage of life. So the 18-year-old from Orlando, Florida began looking at college checklists online of things she might need, but she realized that she found the lists lacking.

“There were a lot of things that weren’t covered,” Jillian said.

So she took matters in her own hands and turned to Pinterest to create checklists of her own. Jillian approached the task with the heart of a planner and the tastes of someone who favors quality over quantity.

“I took an approach where it was things that you invest in maybe a little bit more,” she explained. “Then you have it not only for your dorm room or not only your first apartment, but your first house. It will last you a long time.”


College prep

Jillian created Pinterest boards for different categories of things she might need. There was a board for the kitchen, the bedroom, the bathroom, organization, cleaning and home decor. Along the way, Jillian found Pins of things she liked and purchased, from Williams-Sonoma Open Kitchen plates to OXO mixing bowls to ice trays and a mini-fridge to a Seventh Generation cleaning spray.

College student, Florida
“When I use Pinterest, I don’t usually go on to post a picture, but more to find inspiration for things and to find new things that I would like.”
62 %
say that Pinterest helps them feel more organized
59 %
of millennials have discovered a new product on Pinterest
A dorm of her own

In the end, Jillian ended up enrolling in a university near her parents’ home, which meant she could save money by staying in her childhood bedroom. A dorm room wasn’t part of her immediate future, but that didn’t stop Jillian from transforming her old room into a college-ready space with all of her new things, including the mini-fridge.

“To bring those things to life in my space helped with the transition,” she said. “It made me feel like I was in a new spot in my life and that I wasn’t in high school anymore.”

44 %
of Pinners are more likely to buy home decor products than non-Pinners
80 %
find branded home decor content on Pinterest useful
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