A software recruiter finding ways to save for retirement

A working mom saving for the future

Like most working moms, Becki has a lot to juggle: two kids and a job as a recruiter for a software company in Atlanta, Georgia. In the evening after work is over and her kids are in bed, one of Becki’s favorite ways to relax is to read articles on Pinterest.

Her interests are vast: from food to fitness to fashion. She has a board for the dream home, and one dedicated to ideas that help her save for retirement.

“What I put on that board is anything that has to do with saving money,” she said. “Whether it be saving money on groceries or kids clothes or on my bills, or just saving the change from going to Starbucks.”


Forward looking

Saving money is important to Becki because she wants to be comfortable when she retires and know that her family will be okay. Before she was a recruiter, Becki worked in a nursing home and in a retirement community and that helped put things in perspective.

“I saw the pricing in one of those places and was like ‘Wow, if I don’t start saving now, I’m not going to be able to afford anything when I get older,” she said.

Software recruiter, Georgia
“What I love about Pinterest is there's always something new to look at that I haven't seen before.”
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From coupon apps to rounding up

Among the money saving ideas Becki discovered on Pinterest is an app called Ibotta that enables her to scan grocery receipts and deposit money from promos directly back into her bank account. Becki found Pins that helped her lower her water bill and another that inspired her to make her own laundry detergent.

One day Becki found a Pin about a bank that offered an option to round up the change on her purchases and deposit the difference directly into her savings account. So if she spent $5.75 on a cup of coffee, it would round the purchase up to $6.00 and deposit that extra 25 cents directly into her savings account.

“When I saw the Pin, I pinned it to my saving for retirement board, and I read through the article,” she said. “That's what inspired me to go to that bank and sign up for that type of account.”

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A growing nest egg

These days, Becki has peace of mind when she thinks about her future and the steps that she’s taking to reach her financial goals.

“Based off of some of the things I've implemented from Pinterest, I actually feel like an adult because I have a savings account now,” she said.

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