Great content from businesses is at the heart of Pinterest. And making great content shouldn’t be hard. That’s why we created the Pin Collective.

The Pin Collective connects businesses with Pinterest’s best content creators. It’s a hand-selected group of publishers, production shops and independent creators who really understand the platform. These experts can help you make Pins that delight Pinners and drive performance for your business.


How can advertisers use the Pin Collective?

Advertisers interested in working with the Pin Collective should reach out to their Pinterest partner manager. If you don’t have a partner manager, please email for more program information.  

How does payment work?

Advertisers will pay content creators directly, at prices set by the creators. At this stage, Pinterest isn't taking payment for production.

What's the difference between the Pin Collective partners and content marketing MDPs?

The Pin Collective allows brands to work directly with creators to concept and create Pins and associated Pin content. Content marketing MDPs make tools that brands can use to manage and publish content. 

What is required of content creators?

Content creators who are part of the Pin Collective will need to meet participation requirements on an ongoing basis in order to remain in the program. Content creators will have access to the following resources:

  • Ongoing education to keep up-to-date on Pinterest best practices and tips
  • Access to Pinterest insights

How do I become a content creator?