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Today we’re launching 3 new visual discovery tools that reinvent how people find ideas. Now along with being able to type in a search, people can also use anything they see—both on Pinterest and out in the world—as a jumping off point for discovering great products and ideas from businesses like yours.

People come to Pinterest looking for ideas for everyday life (what to eat, what to wear), big life events (planning a honeymoon, running a marathon), and everything in between. And inspiration can strike at any time. Someone might come here looking for recipes, then stumble upon kitchen ideas. And suddenly they’ve found a new backsplash, or a wall color they want to try. That’s the magic of Pinterest: Everything’s visual, so it’s easy for people to spot the ideas they love.

As they explore what ideas are out there, they go from open-minded discovery, to collecting different options...

The Big Game is right around the corner, but people on Pinterest have been planning bites, cocktails and decor for their game day get-togethers for weeks now. Whether they’re in it for the football, food or funny commercials, there’s a good chance they’ll be watching from a snack-packed house party. We like to call this homegating. And since Pinners have saved 8m football party ideas, it’s clear they like to plan their homegates well ahead of time.

But planning a unique party isn’t easy, so people turn to Pinterest for their game day inspiration. Football is big on Pinterest—people have saved over 58 million football ideas. Football themed parties are on the rise, too—the number of searches for “football party food” is 3x higher than last year. As the big game approaches, Pinners are still looking for football food, drinks and decorations, which makes this the perfect time for brands...

Starting this month, we’re rolling out an update to the way your Pinterest ad campaigns are structured. Previously, Pinterest ad campaigns had two elements: the campaign itself and the Promoted Pins within it. We’re upgrading this structure to include ad groups. An ad group works as a container for your Promoted Pins and gives you more control over how you budget for, target and run your campaigns.

With the addition of ad groups, now you can:

Assign budgets and targeting to ad groups

Since each ad group can contain multiple Pins, this allows for better control when testing your performance against various targets and objectives.

Align campaign budgets with marketing initiatives

Want to set a budget for a certain geographic region, product line or audience target? Ad groups make it easier to manage specific budgets within a single campaign, while still...

Last week’s Consumer Electronics Show gave us a look at the technologies that will shape 2017. Since CES is the first conference of the year, it’s a natural time for marketers to come together and reflect on what’s happening in the industry. Throughout CES, I met with marketers to talk about key challenges from 2016, and what’s top of mind for the year to come.

It’s clear we’re hitting a critical turning point for digital marketing. As an industry, we’ve learned a lot about what works–and where the challenges fall. Now it’s time to fix what isn’t working and empower people to build stronger, more creative marketing programs.

As I plan for 2017 with my Pinterest colleagues and our partners, I keep coming back to a few key trends. I believe these topics will define marketers’ agendas for 2017, impacting everything from how brands think about marketing, to how they measure success.

Recently, Pinterest sat down with leading retail marketers to learn more about their approach to the 2017 holiday season and how they use Pinterest to advance their business.

Blackbird Garage is a digital growth agency that specializes in profitable customer acquisition for brands, e-commerce and CPG.

At Blackbird Garage, did you think of the traditional marketing funnel when creating your strategies this holiday?

We’re very focused on return on ad spend (ROAS) as our primary KPI. When optimizing Promoted Pin campaigns, we use all the tools Pinterest has available to take a full funnel approach. At the top of the funnel, we work on generating qualified traffic with actalike audiences and interests. In the mid-funnel we use higher intent targeting, like keyword search and retargeting. To win back and activate lapsed customers, we use CRM targeting.

By taking a full funnel approach on Pinterest we’re...