What's new in Ads Manager

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Multi-row editing

Select multiple ad groups, then edit the selected budgets or bids all at once. You can increase or decrease your budgets and bids by a set amount, a percentage of the current amount, or simply enter the new budget or bid you want.

Engagement audiences from multiple websites

Create different engagement audiences from more than one confirmed website. To confirm an additional website, contact your Account Manager.

Downloadable receipts

Easily find and download your Promoted Pin statements.

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Graph customizability

Allows you to make two selections and graph them, so you can see the relationships between the two variables and how they trend over time.

Use this to look for opportunities for growth or areas that need extra attention.

New reporting views

Two reporting presets: Use the Delivery and Performance views to quickly surface metrics that help you see how you’re doing on your goals.

A custom view: Now you can select the metrics that are most important to you.

A new home for the Overview, Activity and Spend tabs: For now, you’ll find these in the reporting drop down. And in the future you’ll find more comprehensive, customizable views.

Targeting breakdowns for ad groups

We’ve made it possible to view the delivery and performance of your ad groups and Promoted Pins while also filtering for different targeting breakdowns.

Customizable conversion settings

You can select the conversion events and attribution windows you want for your reporting. Your selections will apply to all the reporting views.

In-line editing

Quickly edit names, dates, bids and budgets right on the page. You can also easily select and edit the status of multiple  campaigns, ad groups and Promoted Pins at once.


Review what’s most important to you by archiving unwanted campaigns, ad groups or Promoted Pins. This makes it easier to find what you’re looking for, and it helps the site work faster too.

Things that have been archived are still included in your summaries and can be exported in custom reports.