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November 2018

Customize your reporting view 

Get to the metrics you need quickly with customized reporting tables.  

  • Change your reporting view without having to leave the page  

  • Drag and drop columns right in the table to reorder your data

  • Save a custom reporting view that you can come back to later, or set the view as your default so it’s there every time you sign in

October 2018

Filter performance data 

New filters in Ads Manager help you look at your performance reports in a new way. Try different filters out, and graph trends based on those filters.

  • Pick multiple criteria at once, rather than switching between different screens to do it. You can now choose an objective, status and conversion settings at the same time.

  • The graph is more dynamic than before. You can select or search for specific campaigns, ad groups and ads, and see your choices reflected right away in the graph.

September 2018

Updated campaign creation features  

Save time (and money!) with our streamlined campaign creation process:

  • Pause campaign button: Review Pins before they go live with our new “pause campaign” feature. This lets you draft campaigns and review them before you push the ads live.

  • Multiple Pin selection: Use the new search bar to find the Pins you want to promote, and select multiple Pins at once.  

  • Pin creation within Ads Manager: Now you create new Pins as you set up a campaign, without having to leave the ad creation tools.

  • Duplicate existing ads: Use the duplication feature to easily recreate top performing campaigns and ad groups.  

 See insights about the people who engage with your Pins

Our latest Audience insights view gives you deeper insight into the people who engage with your content on Pinterest. You can see a demographic summary, and learn about the other things they’re interested in.

We define “engagement” as a closeup, save or click. This metric aggregates engagements for all Pins that include the same image and URL, whether you created them yourself, or someone else saved the Pin from your owned sites. Your “engaged audience” includes anyone who has engaged with Pins uploaded by you, or a Pin pointing to your verified domain.

To access your engaged audience insights:   

  • Make sure you’re logged into your business account

  • Go to the Audience insights page in Pinterest Analytics

  • Click the dropdown under “Audience 1” and select “Your engaged audience”

Export audience insights reports

Export Audience insights reports as a spreadsheet using the “Export CSV” option.   

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