How people use Pinterest to make money

On Pinterest, you can grow your audience—and get paid—by letting your content and expertise shine. Here are some ways that creators use Pinterest to build their business.

Put a new spin on Pins

Creators often work with brands to develop new content for Pinterest. There’s two main ways to do it: Content contribution, or joint promotions.

For content contributions, creators usually work behind the scenes to help a brand come up with new Pins. This is especially helpful for brands that don’t have their own creative team, and brands that want to try a new content style. The final Pins live on the brand’s Pinterest boards. Typically, these Pins don’t reference the creator who made them, so you wouldn’t get content attribution.

For joint promotions, the brand and creator work together to develop Pins or an ongoing campaign. Pin placement depends on the campaign strategy. The final Pins could live on the brand’s profile, your profile, or both. Many brands use this approach to grow their reach and get their products in front of a creator’s audience.

For example, Erica Chan Coffman from “HonestlyWTF” partnered with Old Spice to create tongue-in-cheek DIY projects using empty deodorant containers. The Pins helped Old Spice try something new and reach their audience with cheeky humor.

DIY string lights

You can get creative with businesses you already have relationships with, or reach out to brands that might be a good fit for your personal style.

Curate a shared board

Creating a shared board with a brand is a simple way to get a broader reach, since shared boards appear on both your profile and theirs. Brands typically pay creators a flat fee to curate a board that leverages their content, expertise and audience reach.

When you’re curating a board, add a mix of your Pins and the brand’s Pins. You’ll reach even more people if you make a well-rounded board that also includes content from other Pinners and from around the web.

Justina Blakeney
Owner, The Jungalow
“The REI campaign was all about bringing the outdoors in. Our shared Pinterest board gave our audiences inspiration for how to have jungly living-walls and starry nights from the comfort of your living room.”
Turn clicks into cash

Make money by adding affiliate links when you create Pins. You’ll get a commission when people buy something that you’ve shared. You can also use affiliate links when you tag products for a Shop the Look Pin. To get started making Shop the Look Pins, join the ShopStyle Collective network.

Housekeeping tips
  • Make sure you have a business account before you reach out to brands. You’ll get extra goodies like Pinterest Analytics, and brands will be able to see your monthly viewers when they visit your profile.
  • If you have a press or media kit, add your Pinterest reach so you can show off your stats when you pitch to brands. 
  • Follow our creative best practices for every Pin you make.
  • Be transparent about your partnership if you’re promoting a brand’s products or services, and make sure you’re complying with any labeling laws. Check out Pinterest’s community guidelines for info on our policies. If you’re in the US, consult the FTC’s endorsement guidelines.