Make Pins that increase sales

A guide for creating Pins to reach your business goals

On Pinterest you can effectively market your business and reach a uniquely motivated audience. Get started by making great Pins tailored to your business objectives.

This four-part guide also includes tips for creating Pins that can: boost traffic, build brand awareness, and improve engagement.

Showcase your logo

Build brand equity, credibility and legitimacy by adding a logo watermark to your Pins. A small watermark can help guide people to your brand easily and unobtrusively.

Use lifestyle photography

Your photos should help people understand how your brand fits into their lives. Use real-life settings and models to show your offerings in action. For example, if you sell apparel or accessories, feature your products on a model.

Focus on objects

When someone’s looking to make a purchase, don’t clutter their decision making process with more info than they really need. Your Pin should focus on the object or objects you’re promoting.

Ready to get started?

There’s no need to use every tip every time—you’ve got options! Try a few different approaches and see what works best for you.