Make Pins that improve engagement

A guide for creating Pins to reach your business goals

On Pinterest you can effectively market your business and reach a uniquely motivated audience. Get started by making great Pins tailored to your business objectives.

This four-part guide also includes tips for creating Pins that can: boost-traffic, build brand awareness, and increase sales.

Highlight a hero image

Pins that focus on a single product lead to more closeups and saves. Featuring your product in a realistic setting also works well, like showcasing a lamp in a living room setting. Make sure all your images are high-quality and high-resolution.

Use a vertical aspect ratio

Pins are organized into columns, so vertical Pins take up more space and tend to stand out more. But don’t make your Pins too long or they’ll get cut off. The ideal aspect ratio for a Pin is 2:3 (600px wide x 900px high).

Add detail with Rich Pins

People love informative Pins. Rich Pins help you provide more detail by putting important info, like pricing and product availability, right into the Pin. Complement the extra detail with an inspiring or helpful Pin description.

Show them how

People appreciate information that helps them act on an idea. As they narrow down their options, people love saving lists and instructions. Featuring how-tos or step-by-step guides can encourage people to give your idea a try.

Consider text overlays for clarity

Only use text overlay if the image doesn’t give enough context on its own. In this example, the text overlay is essential to the idea of the Pin.

Ready to get started?

There’s no need to use every tip every time—you’ve got options! Try a few different approaches and see what works best for you.