Start your holiday sales today

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Traditional holiday sales aren’t completely donezo. People still want discounts and giveaways—but they’re looking to find more online. They’re also starting their holiday shopping earlier than ever, rather than waiting for the “official” launch of the holiday shopping season on Black Friday on November 27.

This shift toward an earlier shopping season isn’t entirely new. Last year, people on Pinterest had already finished 50% of their holiday shopping by the time Thanksgiving rolled around.1 And for 2020, we’re seeing shopping move up even earlier. Because of COVID-19, people are planning further ahead and getting things shipped to their homes.

Your bottom line? Don’t wait until it’s Black Friday to start your holiday campaigns online. Inspire people to shop, all season long.

3xIncrease in US searches for “Christmas gift ideas” in April 2020 vs. April 2019. (2)

Your guide 
to holiday performance 
on Pinterest

Holiday shoppers have always used Pinterest to go from upper funnel inspiration, to final purchase. This year, they’re shopping continuously throughout the season. We created a special holiday performance guide to help you reach these shoppers. Download the guide for ad strategies, product tips and creative best practices that will make your holiday campaigns sparkle on Pinterest.

More tips for a successful holiday season

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Even with the world upturned, you can make sure your brand is doing all it can to capture shoppers on the lookout for holiday deals. Here’s some tips to get you going:

  • Recreate the in-store vibe: People still crave the delight that comes from finding a perfect gift in a store. So that your ecommerce experience mimics being in a physical store, let shoppers discover your products in a visual way. On Pinterest, you can use formats like Carousels or Collections to help people to browse multiple products at once.

  • Show your brand cares: With safety still a major concern, share how your brand is looking out for customers with helpful logistics offerings like speedy shipping windows, curbside pick-up options and contact-free gifting solutions.

  • Tout the deals: To capture holiday shoppers, make sure your promo is prominent by making discount and sale details front and center in your creative. Pins with actionable CTA's in the text overlay are likely to have higher click-through rates.

Visit our holiday hub for fresh insights, best practices and creative thought-starters.