Creative best practices

The best Pins are inspiring and actionable. They catch people’s attention, and make them want to learn more. We’ve run lots of studies to see what makes certain Pins perform better than others. And while there isn’t a magical formula, certain creative elements can really impact your Pin performance. Follow these creative best practices to make sure your Pins are beautiful, engaging and effective.

Five essential tips

1. Use an eye-catching, vertical image
Pinterest is all about visuals. Use high-quality images that will stand out in people's feeds. Since Pins are organized in columns, vertical images look and perform best. We recommend using a 2:3 vertical aspect ratio. There’s no right size for Pins, but keep in mind that longer Pins might truncate. 

2. Show how to use your product or service
People use Pins to make decisions for their lives. So, your images should help people understand why your product or idea is right for them. Pick images that show context and bring your topic to life. Clearly show how someone might use your product, try your project, etc.  

3. Make your product or service the focal point  
Choose images that put your product or service front and center. Avoid abstract images, or lifestyle imagery that isn’t specific to your brand.   

4. Use your logo
Put your logo on every Pin, but keep it tasteful. We recommend keeping your logo out of the lower right corner, since it gets covered up by product icons when people see the Pin in their feeds.

5. Add text overlay to convey your main message
Text overlay makes your Pins stand out, adds context and helps you tell a better story. Remember that most people use Pinterest on mobile devices, so keep your text simple and concise.  

Pinterest format on mobile

Optimize for your marketing objectives

When you create Pinterest ads, always start with your goal in mind. Your Pins might look and feel different whether you're trying to increase sales, build engagement or reach another objective. 

This next set of tips will help you tweak your Pins for different kinds of marketing goals. The insights come from a measurement study that looked at more than 21,000 Promoted Pins from 2,000 campaigns.* We measured each Pin across 25 creative attributes to isolate what impacts performance—and we're passing that knowledge on to you. 

Build awareness

Align your content to life, seasonal or everyday moments
Showing life and seasonal moments makes your creative feel relevant and relatable. In our study, Pins that referenced seasonal moments or special occasions drove 10x higher aided awareness.1

Call out unique features
Make sure to tell people when you have something special to share. For example, Pins with “new” in the text overlay drove 9x higher aided awareness.1  

Use the Pin description to add context and reinforce branding
The description field helps you provide more context and detail. It helps to put the most important info first: In our research, Pins with a brand name in the first line of the description field drove 2x higher awareness.1

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Increase online sales

Make your text overlay actionable  
Text overlay helps people decide whether to click on your Pins. Keep text clear, with a strong call to action. Pins with calls to action in the overlay drove 6% more sales lift.2  

Align your content to life, seasonal or everyday moments
Make your ads more relevant by showing seasonal content, highlighting life moments or showing how your product fits into everyday life. Pins with content about these types of moments had 22% higher online sales lift.2  

Use description copy to add details
Your Pin description is the perfect place to give potential customers additional information. In our study, Pins with pricing details in the description field drove 28% higher online sales.2 

Create consistency between Pins and their landing pages
It should feel like a continuous experience when people click from your Pin, to its landing page. Consistency improves performance: For our analysis, Pins that went to landing pages with similar imagery had a 13% higher online sales lift.2

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Grow offline sales

Help people visualize your product in their lives  
Action-packed images help people decide if your Pin is right for them. Pins that showed someone using a product or service were 67% more likely to drive offline sales lift.3

Make your product prominent
Put your product front and center. For our research, campaigns with clear product placement were 20% more likely to drive offline sales lift.3

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Increase email captures

Help people visualize your product in their lives  
Make it easy for people to imagine how your product, service or idea would fit into their lives. Pins that showed a person wearing or using an advertised product drove a 25% higher email conversion lift.2  

Use text overlay to add more detail
Your text overlay should tell people why they’ll benefit from subscribing to your email list. For example, Pins promoting a special sale or offer drove 61% higher email conversion lift.2  

Use the Pin description to add context and reinforce branding
Write a compelling description that tells people more about your brand. It’s helpful to reinforce who the Pin is from, too. Pin descriptions that included a brand name in the first line drove a 54% higher email conversion lift.2

Put a call to action in the description
Pins with clear, actionable wording perform better. We saw a 70% higher email conversion lift for Pin descriptions that included terms like "sign up," "enroll" or "discover."2

Get set up for success

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Plan your creative strategy

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*All performance metrics cited on this page come from our studies with third party measurement partners. The insights represent specific study results, and are not performance guarantees. To develop these recommendations, our third party partners looked at 21,000 Promoted Pins across 2,000 campaigns, 9 industries and 25 different creative attributes. Their analysis identified the top performing creative characteristics, across key business objectives

1. Millward Brown, Creative meta analysis, May 2018
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3. ODC, Creative best practices analysis, May 2018