Make Pins that perform

The best Pins are visually compelling, tell a good story and make people want to learn more. It’s easy to make great Pins—just follow these tips.

Red-framed sunglasses; Woman wearing white-framed sunglasses with a second pair in collar; Tortoiseshell sunglasses near swimming pool

Standard Pins

Use high-quality, vertical images that will stand out in people's feeds. We recommend a 2:3 aspect ratio (ex: 1000 x 1500 pixels). Other ratios may cause your Pin to truncate, or may negatively impact performance.

Put your product or service front and center. Avoid using abstract images or lifestyle imagery that doesn’t showcase your brand.

Put a logo on every Pin you make, but keep it subtle. Avoid the lower-right corner, since that spot gets covered up by our product icons.

Text overlay is the copy that goes on your Pin image to make it stand out. Keep your copy concise for readability on mobile. You should create separate Pins for each country you target, so they can be translated into the local language.

Clear titles and descriptions help your Pin get discovered in search. You can use up to 100 characters for your title and up to 500 characters for your description.

If your Pin includes a link, check that the link is active and loads quickly. Your Pin's creative tells people what to expect when they click. Make sure it matches your destination site's topic and imagery.

Close up of leafy greens

Video Pins

Lead with a clear hook within the first few seconds to capture people’s attention.

Make sure your videos clearly and succinctly communicate your ideas. For organic content, we recommend videos between 15 seconds and 1 minute long. For video ads, 6-15 seconds works best.

Some Pinners watch video with sound off, so don't rely on audio or dialogue. Use text overlay or captions to help tell your story.

Select a cover image when you upload your video so people can understand what your video is about with just one glance.

Clear titles and descriptions help your video get discovered in search. You can use up to 100 characters for your title and up to 500 characters for your description.

Idea Pins

Idea Pins are a multi-page canvas to share your ideas. They last forever, and help you grow your audience.

Video is great for telling a story and helps you connect with your audience. Start with a video on your first page to stand out in people’s feeds. Just make sure to add text overlay, since some people watch with sound off.

Plan your content like a real story, with a true beginning, middle and end. Make sure to include everything people need to act on your idea.

Idea Pins are for your original content—so there's no need to add links or content from other sites. Content that’s clearly watermarked or repurposed doesn’t perform well with people who are on Pinterest to look for new, original ideas. And, of course, only use content that you have permission to use.

Idea Pins help people get to know creators. Don’t be afraid to narrate your Pin or show your face. It gets your audience excited to follow you, and keeps them coming back to engage.

Fill out the detail page so people can make your idea happen. You can list ingredients, supplies, etc. Before publishing, make sure to tag relevant topics so your content reaches the right people.

Do a quick quality review before publishing. Always aim for crisp, clean and high-quality. Things to check:
-Are the screen edges covered? If not, pinch to resize. 

-How’s the lighting? Natural light does wonders. 

-Do the videos and images fit together? If not, try adding some filters.

Check the specs

See creative specs and requirements, from file types to character counts

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