Buyable Pins

Sell your products on Pinterest—it’s free!

Buyable Pins let people buy your products without ever leaving Pinterest. People can easily spot these Pins all over Pinterest—in search results, in related Pins and on your business profile. 

Learn more about shopping with Pinterest.


Mobile shopping made simple

Buyable Pins work seamlessly across mobile and the web, so you can make the sale whenever someone is ready to buy.

A recognizable customer experience

You still get to handle shipping and customer service the way you always have, and Pinterest doesn’t take a cut from your sales. 

Promote your Buyable Pins

When you promote your Buyable Pin you make it easier for people on Pinterest to discover your products. Learn more about how Promoted Pins work. 

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Ready to get started?

If you use one of the commerce platforms listed below, you’ve got access to Buyable Pins today. Just visit their Pinterest page for more details. 

Once you’re ready to start creating Buyable Pins, take a peek at our guide. You’ll find tips to help you get started making great Buyable Pins and guide you through some common issues.