In this guide, you’ll find general rules around using our brand assets and showcasing Pinterest content. The rules apply to all media, including in-store signage, packaging, online and broadcast.



We’re happy to have you promote your Pinterest presence and content. When your advertising or marketing materials reference Pinterest, just make sure they don’t suggest Pinterest is sponsoring your promotion or is formally affiliated with it.

Super short version:


  • Are you only using the Pinterest badge (not the wordmark)?

  • Does the badge appear before a call to action and include your Pinterest URL?

  • Does the height of the badge appear proportionate to the CTA copy?


  • Does the treatment include your Pinterest URL somewhere?

  • Is the UI true to the device (i.e. a mobile view uses mobile UI, etc.)?


Acceptable phrases: Popular on Pinterest, Find us on Pinterest, Follow us on Pinterest, Visit us, Find more ideas on Pinterest, Get inspired on Pinterest (all followed by the business Pinterest URL)

Not acceptable phrases: Trending on Pinterest, Trending Pins

Marks  |  Product shots  |  Language  |  Media-specific rules


Our elements and marks include the Pinterest name, logos, graphics and any word, phrase, image or other designation that identifies Pinterest as the source of any product or service. Please use these elements consistently.


Our badge

Our badge is a red circle and white scripted P outlined in white. Use the EPS and high resolution PNGs provided below. Do not alter them and keep them free of filters and effects.
Download images
How to use it: Always use the badge with a call to action that includes your Pinterest URL. Make sure the height of the badge is proportional to the copy.
To avoid an implied endorsement, the Pinterest badge should always be smaller in scale than your logo.

Our wordmark

Don't use it!

Our color

Our badge should always be reproduced in our Pinterest red whether in print or on-screen. 

Marks  |  Product shots  |  Language  |  Media-specific rules

Product shots

If you want to show any part of Pinterest in your marketing, including Pins, boards and the grid view, make sure the interface is accurately depicted based on the device shown.

Note: Partners are responsible for obtaining all rights to any imagery represented on their display.


Marks  |  Product shots  |  Language  |  Media-specific rules


Words and phrases: Our marks also include these words as they relate to social media: Pin, repin, Pinner, pinboard and Pin it.

Acceptable: Popular on Pinterest, Find us on Pinterest, Follow us on Pinterest, Visit us, Find more ideas on Pinterest, Get inspired on Pinterest. Note: These phrases should be followed by a URL to a business profile

Not acceptable: Trending on Pinterest, Trending Pins

Naming and visuals for your apps and services:

"Pinning" only happens on Pinterest

Don’t use these phrases to refer to activities that happen on other platforms.

What makes something “Popular on Pinterest?”

A Pin is only popular if it has high impressions, clicks or repins as seen in Pinterest Analytics. A Pin is popular from your profile or website, but not all of Pinterest, so follow up any “Popular on Pinterest” labeling with your profile URL.

Naming and visuals for your apps and services:

If you’re creating an app, website or other service designed to be used with Pinterest, develop your own distinct branding that doesn't use the Pinterest brand.

  • Don’t use “pin”, “Pinterest”, or any variations of “Pinterest” in your name or domain name.
  • Don’t use any Pinterest marks, logos, graphics or similar variations as part of your logo or branding.

Marks  |  Product shots  |  Language  |  Media-specific rules

Media-specific rules


The general rules above still apply for broadcast.

Our badge can be used in broadcast but should never be used without a clear link back to the partner’s presence on Pinterest. Partners should be driving people back to their presence on Pinterest with the use of our badge followed by their profile URL. Use of our badge without a link implies a partnership, sponsorship or endorsement.
In order to use Pinterest in video, television or film, potential partners must submit a request form to their partner manager at Pinterest who will need to review each use. Please reach out at least 10 business days in advance to avoid production delays.

For the PDF version, download the full brand guidelines below.

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