Three ways beauty brands can sparkle this holiday season

Picture of a lady with holiday makeup
Spotlight the season and start early

When planning holiday content, the earlier you start, the better. Beauty Pinners are planners, and they start to search and save months in advance of the holidays. The activity starts as early as February, when already more than 20 million Pinners are searching for Halloween costume, makeup and nail art ideas.5

Beauty brands can tap into the holiday beauty energy by using Pinterest to share content. Try to highlight the way your products connect with some of the seasonal trends we’re seeing, like “fall nails,” “fall hair,” “fall makeup,” “winter nails,” “winter hair” or “winter makeup.”

Start promoting early, and you’ll be well positioned to capture early interest that eventually leads to sales. Pinterest is the perfect platform to share your holiday ideas with beauty shoppers who are still exploring and deciding just what they want to wrap up this season.

Mix beauty inspiration with memorable moments

What would the holiday season be without plenty of parties and dress-up opportunities? People know they can use Pinterest all season long to inspire their beauty routines for a range of holiday events—from bold evening looks to new ways to introduce some holiday sparkle.

Halloween is always a scream for people on Pinterest, who can search and save over 10.5 million Halloween beauty Pins! Year after year, Halloween makeup is the most popular makeup-related search we see in fall and into winter.6

Even during the holidays, people continue visiting Pinterest to get ideas for more  everyday occasions, like party-ready hairstyles, festive nails, bold eye makeup, and black or gold nail colors.

Inspire holiday shoppers with actionable content and targeting

Beyond personal beauty inspiration, people are also gift shopping! They use Pinterest as a digital shopping list, creating boards like “Beauty shopping” or “Gifts for me,” right alongside their “Gifts for him” board.

Targeting people who’ve interacted with your brand in the past gives you an opportunity to reach all kinds of beauty buyers with actionable content personalized just for them.

For more inspiration, review our playbook for driving online and offline sales.

And check out our fall beauty 2017 board for autumn’s latest beauty trends. Plus, our recent holiday campaign includes a detailed report on holiday trends, shopping behaviors and more.

—Vikram Bhaskaran, currently saving ideas to “Eye Want”


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