The retailer’s guide to customer acquisition on Pinterest

The retailer’s guide to customer acquisition on Pinterest

Targeting and placement recommendations

Approach your targeting in two phases so you can create new leads, then nurture those leads.

Generate new demand

  • Build Actalike audiences from high value customer segments and exclude your current customers.

  • Run shopping campaigns to connect your product feed to Pinterest activity.

  • Use interest targeting to reach people who are looking for what you sell.

Capture your new demand

  • Use engagement and visitor retargeting to reengage leads and nudge them closer to conversion.

Creative recommendations

Sequence your Pin creative to reach people with the right message at different points along the path to purchase.

Generate new demand

  • Use text overlays to tell Pinners why they should consider your product or brand.

  • Catch Pinners’ eyes with lifestyle imagery that reflects current trends.

  • Include a logo or branded packaging to signify your brand.

Capture existing demand

  • Use text overlays to share more detail about your products or company—something that encourages people to take a second look.

  • Pique interest by showing multiple product shots, ex. multiple colors of the same product.

  • Use your brand here, too! A simple logo or branded packaging tends to work best.

Measurement recommendations

Measurement looks different on Pinterest because people take time to discover and save the ideas that are right for them, before taking action. Here’s what to keep in mind as you plan:

  • Track the most valuable actions: Use the Pinterest tag to track actions at different points in the path to purchase (like clicks, signups and purchases).

  • Use a blended CPA: Measure results across all of your Pinterest campaigns to maximize volume and efficiencies from sequencing.

  • Apply the right attribution window: Because people start using Pinterest early in the shopping process, it’s important to use an attribution window that gives people time to move through their path to purchase. We recommend using at least 30 days for clicks, 30 days for engagement and 1 day for views.

  • Compare to control groups: Run studies versus control groups to understand the true incrementality of your Pinterest campaigns.


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