Squarespace businesses: Get your site Pinterest-ready

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We know that if you’re running a business, your time is valuable. That’s why we teamed up with Squarespace to make it simple for you to get your website and your Pinterest account set up for success.


In most cases you get access to certain Pinterest tools by setting up the code yourself on your website. Now, if you build your website using Squarespace, you can quickly:


Add the Pin It button to your website: The Pin It button is the best way for your business to get discovered on Pinterest, because it lets people save things they like from your site. Just add the button by going to the Squarespace marketing section. 


Get Rich Pins: Rich Pins are now automatically available for all Squarespace websites. These are Pins that include additional, real-time details like price, availability, ingredients and reviews. Across Pinterest, Rich Pins are clicked more often than non-Rich Pins. 


Access website analytics: Pinterest Analytics provides info about your audience and your Pinterest profile, but by connecting Squarespace and Pinterest, you’ll get access to your website analytics too. Website analytics gives you a more complete picture of how all your content is doing on Pinterest by showing data for all the Pins that peop


—Jimmy Sopko, currently saving ideas to Woodwork