Spotlight: Technology on Pinterest

pinterest screen

It’s true that Pinterest is a haven for DIY ideas. But did you know people use Pinterest to discover and save all their favorite technology, too?

There are more than 36 million tech Pins on Pinterest and more than 2 million tech boards. People save everything from gadgets and cameras to devices and technology for their home and car.

Women on Pinterest are 38% more likely to be early adopters, according to comScore. They’re also 33% more likely to have bought any consumer electronics in the last 6 months and 25% more likely to have bought a computer in the last 6 months.

Even if your business isn’t about technology, you can create Pins and boards that feature tech, like the tools you need for your business or the things you used to make your products.

Here are a few businesses to inspire you:

Sony curates lifestyle images of their products and features images shot using Sony products. They also send Pinterest-specific emails to their audience, increasing traffic, sales and followers. Read more about Sony’s Pinterest strategy.

GE creates boards that highlight the awe-inspiring history and science behind their brand and technology. They use high-resolution images and a conversational, irreverent voice to attract a new audience.

—Shahrnaz Shifteh, currently saving ideas to Word up 2015