Reach 100 million interested people

Tim Kendall
collage of images of people

We just announced a major milestone: Pinterest is now a creative community of more than 100 million people!

Millions of people use Pinterest to plan their futures, from where to go on vacation to what to make for dinner tonight. In fact, about 70% of these 100 million monthly users don’t just visit Pinterest—they wind up discovering something so interesting that they also save or click on it to learn more and take action.

And that’s why it’s a great place for you to grow your business. The number of searches on Pinterest has grown 81% in the last year, too, which means even more Pinners are looking for your products and services to make their future plans a reality.

From the beginning, businesses have been an essential part of Pinterest. Without your content, we wouldn’t be able to share creative ideas for people all over the world to discover. 100,000,000 thanks to you!

—Tim Kendall, currently saving ideas to Old Boats