Promoted Video: now available in the UK

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In August, we announced the launch of Promoted Video, which helps businesses share their ideas with potential future customers. Video is one of the best tools for bringing great ideas to life, and Promoted Pins on Pinterest makes it easy for people to give these ideas a try. While other platforms primarily offer video views, we’ve coupled Promoted Video with featured Pins below the video. 67% of people say videos on Pinterest inspire them to take action. Now, people on Pinterest can experience a brand through the video – and then click below to learn more or buy from that brand. Promoted Video brings together some of the best elements of Pinterest and offers something unique and valuable to people and businesses alike.

Now, Promoted Video is available to businesses in the UK! Starting this week, people on Pinterest will see videos from Hunter showing up in their home feeds. For the past 160 years, Hunter has equipped those who view a rainy day as an opportunity. Their latest offering – CORE Concept – celebrates the brand’s relationship with rain, using a kaleidoscopic colour palette that evokes the emotional connections between rain and play. Viewers can click through on the Pins below to buy the items featured – directly from Hunter’s UK store.  

Alasdhair Willis
“Pinterest is a key referral platform for It’s where we see a highly engaged user who’s actively searching for inspiration to purchase from Hunter. CORE is a seasonless collection, which made Pinterest an incredibly strategic platform for us: whether you’re discovering CORE Pins today or in 2 years’ time, the collection will still be relevant to the user. Always discoverable, always available to buy. As a progressive heritage brand, innovation is one of our key pillars, and to be the first UK brand to use this dynamic video ad on Pinterest is a great example of this.”

The launch of Promoted Pins in the UK earlier this year led to highly positive feedback from businesses and great engagement by the Pinterest UK community. Thousands of businesses have begun advertising on Pinterest in the UK including FMCG, retail and travel companies. Now global brands like Hunter Boots are tapping into Promoted Video to extend their campaigns and create deeper engagement with consumers.

Businesses interested in Promoted Video can find more details at

– Adele Cooper, currently saving ideas to Autumnal Looks