Pin trends: Birthdays

Pinners love to celebrate (remember, they’re 3x more likely to be planning an event than non-Pinners!) And turning a year older presents the perfect reason to party. In fact, 34 million people have created 375 million birthday Pins and 109 million birthday boards.

Here are two key insights for engaging birthday boys and girls on Pinterest:

B-days by the numbers

Although Pinterest helps people find everyday ideas, it’s also an important tool that Pinners use for making major life moments a bit more special.

Our number crunchers have done the math, and they’ve discovered that party planners tend to look for help the most when they’re celebrating big birthdays like the 50th21st40th and 18th.

Other top themes that pop on Pinterest: “Frozen birthday party”, “American Girl birthday” and “Batman birthday.”

Holidays trump your big day

From January to July, birthday Pinning strongly correlates with birth date seasonality. Simply put, that means more birthdays among the general population equals more birthday Pinning on Pinterest. However, something shifts significantly in August, the month when holiday planning starts among Pinners.

We found birthday Pins dip 25% from July to December just as holiday Pinning skyrockets by 362% in the same period. And December 25 appears to be the least popular date for searching for birthday Pins, which falls within the time frame when holiday Pins reach their peak.

What you should take away: People with birthdays in the second half of the year do get the short end of the stick. Not only do they have to smile and accept the dreaded combo holiday/birthday gifts but they also get less fabulous fetes.

—Stephanie Kumar, currently saving ideas to​ Yum I Fun food