New videos to help you use Pinterest better

person's hands wearing a watch at desk with laptop and notepad

We know you juggle a lot of different platforms for your marketing, and we want to make it easier for you to understand what makes Pinterest stand out and how you should use it to drive business results.

That’s why we’re rolling out a series of educational videos that dive deep into our products and how Pinners use it. You’ll learn all about:

  • Why businesses matter on Pinterest: As the world’s catalog of ideas, Pinterest is the place where millions of Pinners go to find things to do, try and buy. See how we’re growing, and how you can grow with us.
  • Pinterest products for business: Want to give relevant, quality ideas to Pinners? See how to add, enhance and learn from your Pins.
  • How to make Pins that build awareness: This video will teach you everything you need to create Pins that increase brand awareness, from image size to description text.
  • How to make Pins that increase clicks: Learn how including compelling calls-to-action and tasteful branding can help you drive clicks to your website.
  • How to make Pins that drive engagement: To get more saves (aka ‘repins’) and closeups, you need Pinners to stop and consider your idea. Learn how lists and how-tos on your Pins can do just that.
  • How to get more from Pinterest: Learn more about the power of Pinterest, and see how your business can use the platform to drive results. (And don’t miss part 2 and part 3, which cover more on how to influence behavior and action on Pinterest.)

We’re planning to work on more ways to educate businesses of all sizes on how to use Pinterest to see results for their businesses—stay tuned!

—Shahrnaz Shifteh, currently saving ideas to Furry monkey