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Nneka has a thing for Ankara fabric. Kaline loves cool cocktails. Ryan was looking for a sharp fall jacket. Though their interests may differ, this trio has something big in common: They are part of the more than 250 million people who use Pinterest every month.1 And like 90% of people on Pinterest, all three use the platform to help them decide what to purchase next.2

To help you better understand how people use Pinterest to find new products and ideas we are sharing the stories of a diverse group of people who did just that. They are people like Sean, a professor who stumbled upon a gadget he didn’t know he needed, and Mbali, an entrepreneur who spent hours searching for the ideal couch for her new apartment.

These stories span cities and industries, but they all should leave you with a deeper understanding of how people discover and do what they love on Pinterest.

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—Jess Henry, saving to tables and chairs

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