Laundry on Pinterest: a growing opportunity for businesses

Laundry often gets a bad rap for being the most tedious of chores. It takes time, requires expensive detergent and can hurt the environment.

More and more Pinners are looking for creative ways around this.  They want to save time, they want to save money and they want to reduce their environmental impact as they wash their clothes. There are 45 million Pins related to laundry across 165 million boards. These Pinners are committed to “saving” and will act in order to get results.   

Over the last year, 3.8 million Pinners made 12.8 million searches for “laundry”—a 22%increase from the year before. These searches include how to best do laundry and where.  Active Pinners also refer to the Pinterest app when deciding which products to buy. According to Ahalogy, a Pinterest MDP, 27% of active Pinners have browsed Pinterest on their phones while looking at laundry and cleaning supplies in stores.

What are they looking for? We studied their searches and Pins and found that Pinners want tips about how to be more efficient before they begin their laundry, while they’re doing it and after they’re done. They want:

  • Organizational tips and storage solutions to save time
  • Creative, do-it-yourself tips to save money
  • Sustainable, eco-friendly product tips to save the environment (there are 14.5 million Pins related to detergent and softener)

4 ways businesses can reach Pinners seeking laundry help:

  • Show Pinners how to save money with coupons on your products.
  • Show how homemade detergents don’t save as much money as people may think and highlight your products’ natural ingredients and company’s sustainability values. Paint a picture for the Pinner. Show them show how they have to buy the ingredients, prepare them, and wait; all for something that might not clean their clothes very well.
  • Show how DIY detergents don’t save as much time or money as people may think.  Show the value of buying your product with a side-by-side comparison.
  • Share additional, unexpected uses for your products that might help with laundry.

Stephanie Kumar, currently saving ideas to​ Casa I Decorating