How to reach parents on Pinterest

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Tips for reaching parents

Here are our tips for reaching parents across their main categories of interest—Food, Home, Clothing and Travel:


The family that eats together stays together, as the saying goes, and that’s definitely the case for the majority of parents on Pinterest: 64% still eat dinner with their families most nights.4

But as anyone who has ever shared a table with children can attest, family meals are not without stress: 39% of parents are faced with children complaining about food, 39% say they give into kids’ requests, and 33% cook separate meals for different family members.5

This is where Pinterest comes in: 38% find the Pinterest mobile app as the most helpful app in preparing meals.6 People on Pinterest spend 5% more on food in general than the US average.7

Top Pins in the category: Kid friendly, colorful desserts, healthy meals

Targeting tips:

  • Inspire busy parents with Pins featuring quick and wholesome recipes, as well as ones that are going to go over well with the entire family.
  • Families are looking to get outdoors more. Provide them with meal ideas that work for an active lifestyle.
  • As families grow, parents want to better manage their meal budgets. Show ways your brand can help them keep costs under control, like providing recipes for batch cooking.
  • Check out our food report for more information on Food on Pinterest.

Home is the center of family life, and when it comes to making home a more inviting and comfortable place, they turn to Pinterest. 1 in 3 parents on Pinterest find it the most helpful app for decorating a room.8

Parents also rely on Pinterest when it comes to overall home improvements, with a special focus on maximizing space and decluttering (think organization). In general, people on Pinterest are 44% more likely to buy home decor items than people who aren’t on the platform, and they spend 27% more when they do.9

Top Pins: Reading corner, organization, master bedroom decor

Targeting tips

  • Parents on Pinterest want to make the most of the space that they have. Think about ideas that can help them organize their homes in ways that are stylish and fun.
  • Parenting is no joke. Today’s parents increasingly want to carve out spaces in their homes that are dedicated to relaxing and recharging. What’s your brand’s suggestion for bedrooms with a calming vibe, a Zen space or a yoga zone?
  • Everyone needs a little space to curl up with a good book, and reading corners are on the rise. Think about ideas that can help parents create reading nooks for kids and adults alike.
  • Check out our Home report for more information on Home on Pinterest.

Pinterest reaches 35% of parents who bought kids clothing in the past 6 months.10 Parents also want their kids to look good: 42% say they want their kids clothes to be stylish.11 And they value their kids’ opinions too: 77% of parents consult their children when making clothing purchases.12

Tops pins: Designer shoes, preppy tops, color coordinated outfits

Targeting tips

  • Parents are looking for sophisticated kids clothes, ones that reflect adult fashion. How does your brand offer apparel that’s keyed into the latest trends?
  • If your brand has fancy footwear for kids, feature it in lifestyle images on Pinterest to help parents plan winning outfits for their little ones.
  • For more information on Style on Pinterest, check out our style report.


Modern families are on the move. 1 in 2 parents on Pinterest will plan a vacation in the next six months.13 Millennial parents in particular are choosing to focus on family time, making memories, and finding more time to pamper themselves. 44% of moms say they want more time for self-care like a spa day or a girl’s night out.14

Top Pins: Packing tips, kids entertainment, travel ideas

Targeting tips

  • Provide tips for parents on how to make family vacations hassle-free and inspire them with ideas for personal time as well as family-time.
  • Make sure you reach maxed-out moms with opportunities for me time, girlfriend getaways and other inspiring escapes.
  • Staycations are on the rise: Think about ways your brand can be helpful whether it’s recipes families can make together, outdoor games kids can play, or entertainment ideas everyone will love.
  • Check out our travel report for more information on Travel on Pinterest.

For more ideas on how to reach parents, check out the latest kids and parenting trends in the Pinterest 100 trends report.

—Thea Carp, saving ideas to Kids

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