How Buyable Pins help businesses achieve their mobile commerce goals

Last summer, we launched Buyable Pins, which lets people buy products right from the Pinterest app. Buyable Pins make it easy for people to take action while they’re browsing Pinterest to discover new inspiration. 

In just a few months, we’ve learned Buyable Pins are helping thousands of stores reach shoppers on their mobile devices, bringing them new customers, more mobile sales and a greater understanding of their audience. 

Bringing new customers to your business 

We surveyed hundreds of sellers after the holidays and they told us that between 84-100% of their sales from Buyable Pins came from customers new to their business.
All customers who bought Buyable Pin items during the holiday from FlyAway BlueJay,  a shop that sells handmade jewelry and gifts from independent artists, were new. “For small businesses like us, using a large platform like Pinterest to reach new customers is critical,” said Holly Feld, FlyAway BlueJay’s owner. 

With Buyable Pins, FlyAway BlueJay saw strong sales in their core categories of beauty and jewelry. But Buyable Pins also increased sales in nearly every other category, including scarves, sunglasses and notebooks. Buyable Pins help customers discover a wide range of products. 

“Pinterest provided us access to an audience looking for specific items such as unique pencils or headbands,” Feld said. “These customers might not have been exposed to our brand before.”

The same was true for Modern Citizen, a newer shopping site for women.  

“As a newer company, Pinterest is a key acquisition channel for us, and we loved seeing new customers come in from Pinterest who had never purchased with us before,” said Nichole Powell, Modern Citizen’s marketing manager. 

She added: “One surprising thing is that many Pinterest orders are placed from areas outside of our usual urban demographic—orders have come in from all across the map… it’s been interesting to see how Pinterest enables us to reach new customers in unexpected locations.”

"It outperformed our goals. We received more orders through Buyable Pins than any other single social traffic source."

Boosting mobile sales and traffic

Buyable Pins are the bridge between shoppers discovering an item they want and connecting them right to the business that’s providing it. And of course, that’s led to more sales and traffic for these shops. 

PARC, a Minneapolis-based boutique, said 20% of its traffic comes from Buyable Pins, which are responsible for 10% of all sales. 
FlyAway BlueJay said 20% of its sales in the last quarter of 2015 were from Buyable Pins.

“It outperformed our goals. We received more orders through Buyable Pins than any other single social traffic source,” Feld said. Now, Pinterest is their largest social source of traffic and sales,  driving 28 percent of its total site traffic. 

Mobile access to products has been a central part of Modern Citizen’s strategy. Buyable Pins made that access easier. Since implementing Buyable Pins and Rich Pins across their entire product inventory, the company saw orders from Pinterest go up by 73 percent.

shophearts, a shop that sells boho-style footwear, accessories and apparel, said Buyable Pins were responsible for 15% of all of its business and 20% of its site traffic over the holidays. 

“Buyable Pins made it easier for us to gain more exposure without all the traditional legwork. A Pinner can search for an item, like a jacket, and our parka jacket would show up as buyable. This increased the chances of a purchase,” said Tanya Nguyenbui, store manager. 

Learning more about your customer 

Alongside boosting traffic and sales from new customers, Buyable Pins have also helped retailers gain a better understanding of their customer’s tastes and wants. 
Modern Citizen says Buyable Pins allow them to gauge what sells well and better discern customer demand.

 “We’ve found that if a particular style does well on Pinterest, that it’s likely an indicator that our audience is looking for more of that style, whether that be structured tops, midi-length skirts, or a particular color,” Powell said. “We can then use that data to shape our strategy for the following collections.”

And Modern Citizen can also take what it learns to shape its brand in a new way. 

“As an e-commerce retailer, we’re constantly thinking about our customer’s life from all angles—not only what she’s wearing, but where she’s going, what she’s interested in, and what she’s doing. Pinterest enables us to learn about our customers’ interests as well as share our own worldview,” Powell said. “We’re able to explain our brand and what we stand for in a more nuanced way, and that enables us to use Pinterest as a richer acquisition channel as a result.”

What are you waiting for? Get Buyable Pins through one of our commerce platform partners and start seeing sales from new customers. 

—Amy Vener, currently saving ideas to alternate living arrangements