Halloween decor trends to help you inspire Pinners

halloween decor on a front yard
Help Pinners work with what they’ve got

Pinners love fresh ideas and inspiration, but they won’t necessarily want to create an entirely new look every year. Fall interiors that blend with what people already own are all over Pinterest. We’re also seeing a 25% increase in “haunted house” searches compared to last year, with Pinners seeking ideas for “Halloween props” in particular. People have already saved 1.2m “fall front porch” pins and 1.6m “outdoor Halloween” ideas, and it’s not even October yet!

Suggest ideas for simple, modern updates

Since 2014, Pinners aged 25-34 have saved 50m Halloween home decor ideas. Help them get in on some fun new trends, or revisit what they’ve come to know and love. For example, we’re seeing fun references to pop culture, like these Harry Potter touches. Meanwhile, preppy decor lovers seem interested in incorporating on-trend details, like monogrammed pumpkins, that stay true to their classic tastes.

Bring Halloween ideas to life fast

Pinners are always on the lookout for inspiring ideas that aren’t too difficult to try. Pins featuring ideas like these song lyric pumpkins or this clever use of neon paint tend to be popular. No matter what kind of idea your business has to share, we’ve made it easy for you to promote it quickly. Using the new Promote button you’ll see when you create a Pin or view it on your profile, you can set up a Promoted Pin in as little as 9 seconds.

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