Four Pinterest content strategies for graduation season

graduation hats
To reach graduates:
  • Product suggestions: Equip new graduates with product information, hacks and tips that will make “adulting” just a little easier. You should highlight the types of products they’ll need as they move into a new home or start their first “real” job.

  • Life guides: Help graduates transition into the “real world.” Sample content could include inspirational quotes, financial advice or tips for moving into your first apartment.  

To reach family and friends:
  • Party planning: Help people design the perfect party with Pins about party decor, themes and memorable menus.

  • Gift guides: Focus on gifts for different types of people, from the grad about to travel through Southeast Asia to the grad preparing to launch her own business.  

And some targeting tips for good measure

Don’t forget to build strategic keywords into your Promoted Pin targeting. We suggest trying these popular keywords: Graduation party, graduation food, graduation outfits, graduation gifts, graduation ideas and graduation hair.

They may not have their diplomas yet, but this year’s graduates are already planning for their next chapter on Pinterest. To get more ideas for how you can lend a helping hand, check out some of our favorite graduation-themed Pins.


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