Found true love on Pinterest? Here’s how to make it last

Found true love on Pinterest?

Pinterest's relationship with its users is more like a marriage than a summer fling. It's one of those great relationships that only gets better with time.

In fact, the longer people have been using Pinterest, the more useful, personalized and inspirational they feel it is (the same goes for people who use Pinterest daily). This is because as they save Pins and choose whom to follow, they start seeing more of the things they love in their feed. Over time, Pinterest becomes ever-more relevant and valuable to them.

This long-term love affair is great news for businesses. People on Pinterest browse with a purpose, so they don’t just save ideas—they make them happen. Whether they’re hunting for a stylish pair of sandals or planning a summer getaway, the things they discover on Pinterest often lead to real purchases and experiences.

If Pinterest is like a long-term relationship, how can you keep it interesting and fresh? Here are our pointers:

  • Add something new to the conversation. About a quarter of the people on Pinterest tell us they’ve recently been seeing the same Pins, especially those discussing weddings, hair, and beauty. It’s fun to save what’s already popular and trending on Pinterest, but remember that the whole web is your playground. Be on the lookout for fresh new things to save and share—or create your own!
  • Show them you understand what they want. People fall in love with different Pins for different reasons. When it comes to fashion, weddings, hair and beauty, they’re into what’s popular and trending, so save more Pins about “what’s hot” than about “how to.” But when it comes to timeless topics like food and parenting, people want Pins that are informational and inspire them to make something.
  • Be generous with what you know. Above all, people say they want Pinterest to be useful (54%), helpful (50%) and inspiring (45%). So make the experience about them, not you, and give without expecting anything in return. Share what you know, whether it's how to develop a signature style or squeeze more superfoods into a smoothie. Be especially careful about fashion and health Pins, which Pinners have said can feel more like overt advertising than genuine helpfulness.
  • Say no to jealousy. Pinterest can inspire people to try specific products, but not necessarily specific brands. That's okay! You can still help people discover new things to do without insisting they do them with you and you alone. Pinterest is about inspiration and ideas, and the more ideas there are to go around, the more everyone wins. People will still look for your brand by name anywhere from half the time (for consumer goods) to a third of the time (for retail). They’re also more likely to buy an exact product related to hair and beauty, parenting and health.

—Edwin Wong, currently saving ideas to Modern Buildings