Creative spotlight: The Ad Council

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Creating emotional connections

Unfortunately, big life events—like becoming a parent or buying a home—can be times when LGBT+ Americans can be legally discriminated against. Since Pinners often use the platform to plan for big life moments such as these, the Ad Council realized that Pinterest would be a great way to reach them.

Through Pinterest ads and Promoted Video Pins, the Ad Council featured true stories from individuals who have been discriminated against because of their sexual orientation or gender identity, and shined a light on the impact it had on their families. These Pins successfully sparked curiosity by teasing the story of the person pictured on the Pin—to read more, Pinners had to click through to the “Beyond I Do" site.

Laurie Keith, VP of Media, Social & Emerging
Ad Council
“As people were searching Pinterest for ideas related to big life moments like welcoming a new child into their lives, they’d see our Pins depicting the story of a baby being denied medical services simply because her parents are LGBT+. Thanks to Pinterest’s unique targeting capabilities and custom creative we were able to reach people with the message that would resonate the most.”
A unique approach to targeting

For their Pinterest campaign, the Ad Council paired moments of discrimination with specific life phrases that related to their “Beyond I Do” creative. First, they used location targeting to focus their campaign on Pinners within the 30 states where discrimination is still legal. Then, they targeted interests like “parenting,” “weddings,” and “home,” as well as specific keywords like “marriage license,” “new lease,” and “job relocation.”

Halfway through the campaign, the Ad Council took their targeting strategy one step further by breaking out the Pins into ad groups and aligning them with the most relevant interests and keywords. This helped drive millions of impressions on Pinterest and the Promoted Videos earned millions of views.

—Aimee Rancer, saving to Do Good