Creative spotlight: Progressive

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Creative that’s in the know

Marketing Progressive Insurance is a big job. The company’s offerings include a wide variety of financial services from auto and home to business and personal insurance. That’s a lot to communicate to prospective customers. How do they do it? By keeping their always-on organic campaign fresh with evolving, on-trend and helpful Pins. 

Together with their in-house creative agency Ninety6, Progressive builds content around major life events like getting married, becoming parents and buying a car or home. These are the times when people are looking for inspiration and information—and evaluating their insurance and financing options. Progressive wants to be there, helping people navigate life’s biggest moments.  

Launching Pins to time with seasonal moments and larger trends also keeps Progressive’s content fresh and relevant. For example, searches for "motorcycle safety tips" go up in the summer. And searches for "wedding checklists" spike in January and July.1

Media and Marketing Team
“Because Pinterest is such a great place to plan things, our Pins connect with people when their next move is still just an idea. That way, we can help them make decisions and understand their financial services options.”

Clear, concise and useful

Some 9.5 million Pinners are actively engaging with Financial Services content on Pinterest.2 Of that group, 48% find content from financial services brands useful.3

To reach them, and reinforce the idea that Progressive is there for customers when they need them, the Pins are built using Pinterest’s creative best practices. They are clear, concise and useful. The Pins offer sound advice about protecting your health and safety, your assets and your bank account. Pinners also get easy-to-digest top-ten, best-of and checklists for everything from welcoming a new pet to the family to evaluating boat insurance. 

The standard and video Pins include strong branding elements: always the Progressive logo and often Flo, the company’s upbeat spokesperson, or her likeness. They link to articles on Progressive’s website that offer loads of information while also highlighting various benefits from their products and services.

Expert advice that’s free and available to everyone? Now that is progressive.


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