News by Brad Spychalski

Finding new and unique ways to celebrate mom on Mother’s Day can feel like a lot of pressure. We want to show our gratitude, but often feel like we’re coming up short. Many people turn to Pinterest for fresh ideas to make mom feel special. Altogether, 33 million Pinners have saved 252 million Mother’s Day related Pins.

There are two sides to this equation: Mom herself, and the people shopping for a gift. Roughly 70% of US moms are active on Pinterest, where they spend an average of 124 minutes per month. Pinterest is where moms search for and save the things they want to buy, see, do and explore. That means that scanning Mom’s Pinterest boards can give people a pretty good sense of what’s on her mind—the perfect intel for a meaningful gift or celebration.

Start your campaigns early

Mother’s Day searches and saves begin to climb mid-March...