All you need is the Pinterest button

iphone in hand

Curating your boards just got a lot easier—you can now quickly save Pins (and keep your audiences engaged with fresh content). If you’re on your iPhone, you’ll see a whole new experience for saving content from all over the web, whether it’s products from your own site, or an interesting post from your favorite blogger.

Now things are a lot more visual. It’s easier to create boards, and you can customize each Pin description—just like on the web. To get the Pinterest button on your iPhone, just follow these simple steps:

ios iphone gif

If you’re on your Android phone or desktop, saving stuff from around the web is simple too. Remember: The more Pins you save, the more your profile becomes a compelling place for Pinners to explore.

These updates are available not just to businesses, but to all Pinners, so it’ll be easier for many of them to save your Pins too!

—Caroline Belo, currently saving ideas to Apt 202