6 gifting trends for holiday 2018

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Home decor + 123% YoY growth

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We all love daydreaming about home decor and that’s a fact—the category has seen a 123% year over year increase in saved ideas! This season it’s all about bringing the hygge home. Think warm-toned basics like brass kitchen hardware, terracotta candle holders, crochet blankets, fairy lights and copper kitchen utensils.

Jewelry + 37% YoY growth

Running the gamut from dainty and delicate to earthy and natural, we’re seeing a 37% year over year spike in saves for jewelry among gift givers. Top trending pieces include dainty gold rings, vintage emerald engagement rings, leaf earrings, pineapple pendants, and leather bracelets. (We’re placing bets that will all be top stocking stuffer contenders this holiday season.)

Wellness + 231% YoY growth

Wellness is bound to jingle some bells this holiday season—saved ideas in this category have grown 231% year over year! Top trending ideas include workout and relaxation gear alike: essential oils, hydration jugs, workout outfits, shower melts and aromatic playdough.

Toys + 32% YoY growth

Toys and games always take center stage during the holidays (after all, it’s kids who win the season), and this year we suspect, isn’t going to be any different. With year over year growth in the category up 32%, gift givers are bound to put a bow on these ideas: touch and feel color cards, calm down glitter bottles, stuffed animal hammocks, take-along legos and eco-friendly games.


Hosting + 21% YoY growth

At the center of every good holiday soiree sits an ample assortment of drinks and desserts, and guests know this. The dessert category has seen 63% year over year growth and the drinks category has seen 21% year over year growth. Here are the trending gift ideas that are sure to be a hit with your host or hostess this year: infused syrups, sangria mocktails, tea party food, keto mug cakes and mimosa fixings.

Tech accessories + 34% YoY growth

Tech accessories

We all know the pain of a dead battery or tangled cords—and this season gift givers want to spare their friends and family the agony. From functional backpacks to charging cables and organizers, and wearable tech to personalized tech, we’re seeing saves climb 34% year over year in the tech and gadgets category.

Advertiser takeaways

  • Gifts for previously overlooked recipients are on the rise. People on Pinterest are keeping their work wives (and husbands!) in mind as we’ve seen spikes in searches for co-worker gifts this year (“coworker valentines day gifts” +4100% YoY). Colleagues, clients and vendors are sure to continue to feel the love as we move into the holidays. Also standing to benefit: marketers that keep these new recipients in mind. Think of light touch creative ways to show how your products stretch for broader audiences—personalized tech works for everyone on your list. Remember, something scalable is key!

  • Experiential gifting occasions are also looking up for 2018. We’ve seen gift baskets rising in popularity (“movie night gift basket diy” +257% YoY). As we get closer to the holidays, think about creative opportunities to build new gifting moments around holiday experiences, like delivering a care package filled with all the hosting must-haves (infused syrups, mimosa fixings, etc.) to ease the nerves of a Thanksgiving dinner host.

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–Thea Carp, currently saving to Boho


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