250 million people now use Pinterest each month

Picture of people on Pinterest

175 billion Pins, up 75% from last year

What’s different about Pinterest is that businesses like yours play a big role in inspiring people to try and buy new things. More than three quarters (78%) of people on Pinterest say content from brands is useful—much higher than on other platforms.1

We’re grateful for all the ideas you’ve added to our platform that draw new people to Pinterest every day. Thanks in part to all your Pins, there are now more than 175 billion ideas to discover on Pinterest, up 75% since last year. And the number keeps growing.

Because people on Pinterest are open to your ideas, businesses like yours have a unique opportunity to shape their decisions about what they want to try or buy. We’re making it easier than ever for you to reach your audience, with new products like Promoted Video at max. width and Shopping Ads, along with the new Pinterest business profile. We’ve also created a program to support businesses and agencies new to advertising on Pinterest.

And soon, businesses will be able to buy ads on Pinterest in certain non-English-speaking markets. If your business isn’t on Pinterest yet, now is a great time to get started.

1.5 million businesses on Pinterest

Since coming to Pinterest, my goal has been to help build an ads platform that consumers would enjoy: a place where businesses can reach people with advertising that feels as helpful and relevant as organic content.

And thanks to the help from businesses like yours, that's exactly what we're doing. People on Pinterest rate ads on Pinterest 1.4 times more relevant and useful than those on other platforms.2

So big thanks to all 250 million Pinners for giving Pinterest a try. And hats off to the 1.5 million businesses like yours for helping us build a platform that inspires so many people around the world each month. I truly believe we’re just getting started.

–Jon Kaplan, Head of Global Sales, currently saving ideas to Vermont


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2TalkShoppe, US, Pinterest Personalization & Relevance Study