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For one of their newest collections, home décor retailer CB2 turned to two longtime partners: interior designer Ross Cassidy and Pinterest. Cassidy’s CB2 capsule collection brings his “luxe minimalist” style to CB2’s modern, affordable product line. Since both CB2 and Cassidy are avid Pinterest users, they knew Pinterest would play an important role in the collection’s launch.

Pinterest is a top destination for home inspiration, with over 1.7 billion home décor Pins and more than 27 million people who save home décor content. For the launch, CB2, Pinterest and Cassidy worked together to come up with an omnichannel strategy. The digital marketing campaign centered on Pinterest itself, while the launch event brought some Pins to life.

CB2 ran two types of Promoted Pin campaigns: one showcasing Cassidy’s products and the other directing people to a sweepstakes. To enter the contest, people created “Dream Room” boards with...

If you’re looking to give your brand a hand, Pinterest is the place to be. It’s easy to move brand metrics on Pinterest because Pinners are open to seeing ideas from businesses. Unlike other platforms, on Pinterest business content is a natural part of the experience.

In a recent series of studies, research agency Millward Brown Digital found that brands of all kinds can drive big increases across 4 key brand metrics: awareness, favorability, perception, purchase intent (see infographic below)

After using Promoted Pins:

  • L’Oreal Paris saw an 18 percentage point lift in product awareness for their new Lumi Highlighter makeup product
  • Reese's drove an uptick in message awareness—after Promoted Pins, the number of people who said, “Reese's is fun to eat” went up by 10 percentage points
  • Walgreens boosted favorability with millennial beauty shoppers by over 15 percentage points

Ready to jump on the brand-wagon? We’ve partnered with...

Last summer, we launched Buyable Pins, which lets people buy products right from the Pinterest app. Buyable Pins make it easy for people to take action right while they’re browsing Pinterest to discover new inspiration. 

In just a few months, we’ve learned Buyable Pins are helping thousands of stores reach shoppers on their mobile devices, bringing them new customers, more mobile sales and a greater understanding of their audience. 

Bringing new customers to your business 

We surveyed hundreds of sellers after the holidays and they told us that between 84-100% of their sales from Buyable Pins came from customers new to their business.
All customers who bought Buyable Pin items during the holiday from FlyAway BlueJay,  a shop that sells handmade jewelry and gifts from independent artists, were new.
“For small businesses like us, using a large platform like Pinterest to reach new customers is critical,” said Holly...

Since their launch, Promoted Pins have helped businesses of all sizes achieve their business goals. Here’s what we know about how they’re working:

Promoted Pins drive sales. With enhancements to conversion tracking and reporting, it’s easier than ever for businesses to track the success of their Promoted Pins.

“In November, we incorporated Pinterest's creative best practices, increased our Pinning frequency and implemented conversion tracking. As a result of our investment in Promoted Pins, Pinterest drove 77% more online conversions than social platforms and has become the second largest driver of traffic to our site overall,” said Ian Leslie, chief marketing officer at Industry West.

"As a result of our investment in Promoted Pins, Pinterest drove 77% more online conversions than social platforms and has become the second largest driver of traffic to our site overall."

Promoted Pins helps drive brand equity. In an internal brand...

Over the last year and a half, tens of thousands of businesses have used the Pinterest Ads Manager to create, manage and track the success of their Promoted Pins—and they’re seeing great results!

Since people save their favorite Pinterest finds (including ads!) to their own boards, Promoted Pins generate lots of incremental impressions and engagements that get resurfaced time and time again. These engagements drive additional free value to advertisers over time—something you can’t get on other platforms. In fact, advertisers who use the Pinterest Ads Manager received an average of 20% more (free) clicks* in the month after the start of a Promoted Pins campaign. And those aren’t the only results they’re seeing.

We want more businesses to see these results, which is why we’re opening the Pinterest Ads Manager to all small- and medium-sized businesses in the U.S.

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