Ways to win on Pinterest

Whether you’re new to Pinterest or trying to improve your performance, these tips should help. Here’s how to build out your profile, reach more followers and start measuring performance.

Fill up your profile

A complete profile tells your brand’s story. Head to your settings to add a profile photo, some info about you, your location, and your other sites around the web. Then, pick a custom profile cover.

Save Pins regularly

Consistent, daily activity is better than adding a ton of Pins at once. Be patient, and stick with it. Adding content consistently over consecutive months is the best way to build a dedicated audience on Pinterest. You can schedule Pins up to two weeks in advance, making it easier to stick to a  publishing schedule.

Unlike social networks, where most of your reach happens in the first 24 hours, your Pinterest content keeps growing in reach over time. As more people discover and save your Pins, you’ll see traffic continue to go up.  

Name your boards wisely

Optimize your boards for Pinterest search. Make sure your board names are specific, relevant to your audience and contain good keywords. Then, make sure to pick a category for every board you create.

Use the Save button

Add the Save button to your website to make it more Pinterest-friendly. The Save button makes it easier and faster for people to save content directly from your website, to Pinterest—and it can increase your saves up to 5x.

Find more followers

Your followers are always the first to see your Pins. The more they engage with your content, the more we show it in other places on Pinterest (including search results, feeds and recommendations). Add the Follow button to your website so your site audience can also start following you on Pinterest, with one simple click.  

Use our business tools

To get Analytics, ads and other business tools, upgrade to a free business account. Then, claim your website, Etsy page and social accounts so your content gets the right attribution on Pinterest.


Learn from Pin performance

Tap any Pin for a quick view of its impressions, saves, closeups and clicks. When you want to go deeper, visit Pinterest Analytics for even more insights that’ll help you improve your Pinterest strategy.

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