Picking the right content

People on Pinterest are looking for ideas, and your Pin could be just what they’re looking for. Always make sure your Pins feel relevant, interesting and useful. Whether you’re trying to reach people planning their next trip, their next purchase—or just their next meal—here’s how to make Pins that work.

Think like a Pinner

Start from your audience’s perspective. Why are they coming to Pinterest? What kinds of ideas do they want to see? And what will help them make a confident decision?

Do more than product shots

Think of topics that show how your brand or product could fit into someone's life. If you sell clothing, you could show people how to assemble the perfect capsule wardrobe. If you offer floral services, you could show people how to pick the right color palette for their party. Go beyond the literal, and give people ideas for using what you offer. 

Get ahead of the calendar

People start planning for events and holidays on Pinterest long before they go to other sites. Get your seasonal content up early to capture the full opportunity. Generally, we recommend getting seasonal content up ~45 days before a holiday or special event. Our seasonal planner shares more detailed info for specific events.

Repurpose images from other places

If you can’t make a ton of new images at once, don’t worry: There are many ways to repurpose your existing creative, and make it work for Pinterest. Follow our creative best practices to make sure you’re picking the right images for Pinterest.

Pick the right landing page

When someone clicks your Pin, they’re looking for more info about it. Make sure that your Pin and its landing page feel visually similar, and topically related. For example, a product Pin should lead to a page where people can buy a product. A movie Pin should lead to trailers or reviews. You don’t want people to feel misled if they click on a Pin, and the landing page is unrelated.

Make multiple Pins for the same landing page

It’s okay to have multiple Pins that land on the same destination. In fact, it’s good to save a variety of images that appeal to different types of people. Just make sure to write different descriptions for each Pin—it’ll improve your SEO.

Use video to tell immersive stories

Sight, sound and motion can be the most compelling way to bring your ideas to life on Pinterest. Shorter videos work best for goals like awareness or storytelling. Go longer when you want people to do something with your idea, like product education or project tutorials. Either way, make sure your message comes across even if the sound is off.

Put your descriptions to work

Don’t forget to fill out your description field—it’s valuable real estate to give more context and reinforce your branding. Descriptions may get truncated in the feed view, but people see the full description once they click on a Pin to see it close up. Write your description to match your topic and goal. If you’re sharing a recipe, maybe you want to mention the main ingredients and prep method. If you’re sharing a travel Pin, you could add ideas for activities at that destination. And if you’re trying to drive clicks, make sure to include a call to action!  

Make sure your Pins show up in Pinterest search by using keywords in your description fields. Think about when you want your Pin to appear, and who you want to see it. Let’s say you’re a financial services company trying to reach new home buyers. You’d want to include words like “home purchase” and “financial help.” For keyword ideas, try typing your topic into the Pinterest search bar. You’ll see suggested searches for related topics, based on what’s popular on Pinterest. Try working those keywords into your Pin description, if appropriate.

Add relevant hashtags

Use a couple hashtags in your description copy to optimize for search. On Pinterest, people use hashtags to discover trending content. Hashtags function as broad search terms, not as jokes, memes or commentary. Something like #springfashion works, but #ilookterribleinhats wouldn’t work as a hashtag on Pinterest.