Celestial celebrations

Pink and yellow moons at left. White man in red eye makeup. White woman with star glasses in striped jumpsuit. Arab woman in black balaclava at center, Black woman at right in black shades and top. Large moon and silver stiletto. Disco ball and astronaut.

These parties are out of this world

Here comes the sun. And the moon. And the stars. From sunshine-themed baby showers to cloud nine birthday parties, Millennials will throw some totally cosmic parties this year.

Collage of party items. Four-layer white cake on a pedestal at right. Large yellow box with pink ribbon on left. Background of large yellow flower and yellow balloons.

Black woman in shaggy gray dress leans against a full moon on the left. Black woman with red hair and green silky dress on right. Backdrop of outer space with a silver star balloon at top.

Creator spotlight

If you see a glammed out party in Los Angeles, Melissa Andre is probably behind it. The celebrity event planner and creator takes her audience behind the scenes of every five-star event. Follow Melissa for ideas that make themed parties look chic, not cheugy.

“My day-to-day job is to get ahead of the trends for my clients. That’s how I know celestial celebrations will be big this year. People love astrology, and you’ll see it in star-themed brunches to weddings under the full moon.”

Bring this trend to life

If you’re a paper goods brand...

Help people bring their starlight visions to life with moon-themed invitations, celestial save-the-dates and sparkle-infused registry websites.

If you’re a tech brand...

Light the way. Serve people items for kid parties like star lamps, planetary light projectors or an LED moon.

If you’re a home brand...

Help people make their home decor out of this world. Showcase celestial home items such as moon pillows or a night sky area rug.

Pinterest search term for glitter makeup. Black woman with an afro and green glitter covering half her face. Closeup of the right side of a mouth, the lips are painted with glitter. Top half of a person’s face with glitter on their cheeks. Pin showcasing the closeup of an eye with blue eyeshadow and star shaped glitter over it. Text reads, seeing stars? Shop shimmery shadow. Description reads, get starry night makeup looks.

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