Collage of people wearing silky clothes. On the left, a white woman's hand is putting a lily into a vase. An East Asian woman is wearing a linen dress, beside a person with a beard and bright lipstick, wearing a green robe. A Black woman with long hair is wearing blue silk pajamas.

Goodbye joggers, hello silky nightwear

There’s something special about investing in silk just for sleeping. Nightwear will get its own dress code in 2022—even if it’s just for a party of one. Searches for satin nightwear and classic nightdresses will rise across all age groups.

Collage of sleepwear and bedtime themes: A man in a dark grey tank top sleeps on a grey pillow, one arm resting on a blue yoga mat. A woman’s legs are shown in loose-fitting white pajama bottoms. A man in the foreground is holding open a light purple satin pajama top.

Two Black women, one with short hair and one with long hair, are wearing pink nightclothes and standing in front of a green linen backdrop.

Creator Spotlight

Beauty Creator Kristina Rodulfo is the friend you want to have on your group chat. This former magazine editor shares her hot takes on all things style and self-care. Such as—it’s time to treat yourself and upgrade those old pyjamas. Follow Kristina and get an inside look at fashion from an editorial pro.

‘I love baggy T-shirts for sleeping. But a silky nightdress? Game-changer. Seriously. I feel so much more calm (and more chic) before bed now. For me, lounge-erie makes going to sleep feel like a little ritual.’

Bring this trend to life

If you’re a fashion brand…

Tracksuits, be gone. Encourage people to slip into silky loungewear and take elevated comfort to the next level.

If you’re a home brand…

Make lounging feel extra luxe. Take them into their leisure zone with satin bedding and weighted blankets.

If you’re a hobby or crafting brand…

Give people ideas on how to weave silk and satin fabric into their DIY creations—from lace ceramics to silky scented eye masks.

Pinterest search results for silk sleepwear. A white woman in green silk pyjamas, a white brick wall in the background. A pink sleep mask on a yellow striped mat with two peaches. A swirl of pink silk. A Pin of golden silk sheets and pillowcases on a bed. The text reads, ‘Get your beauty sleep – Shop silk pillowcase’. The description reads, ‘Discover silk sleep accessories’.

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