Emotional escape rooms

Collage of meditative and emotional items. A white hand is touching a tower of different coloured square rocks, beside pieces of clear quartz and rose quartz. A disco ball hangs down from the top right. A white man is resting and reading a book, with a Black man dancing in the background. Library shelves. Two books float in the air, their pages fluttering. A hand holding a bat is breaking a computer monitor on the right.

Safe spaces for feels

Emotions, so hot right now. If you need a place to go to feel all the feels, there’s a room for that. People will plan their great (indoor) escapes and designate rooms in their homes to decompress, vibe and rage. All age groups are driving searches for music-themed rooms, crystal rooms and even rage rooms (!).

A white woman with long blonde hair, is wearing a black dress and black combat boots. She bends to smash a sledgehammer through a small TV screen. A silhouette of someone shouting is on the left. In the background, there are shards of navy blue, purple, white and red.

A visually impaired white man wearing sunglasses, sits cross-legged reading braille. He’s surrounded by stacks of books with a library bookshelf in the background.

Creator Spotlight

Tommy Lei wants to show you a ‘love letter to all things modern’. When he’s not posting chic interior design ideas and morning routines, he’s publishing new Idea Pins for his ‘Ask a gay’ series. Follow Tommy for tons of feel-good content.

‘Ask my friends: I’m the number one advocate for “me” time. That’s why I’m going all-in on self-care and creating a corner in my home that only brings calm vibes. It’ll be my safe space to step away, stretch and recharge.’

Bring this trend to life

If you’re a home brand…

Use collections ads to show people how to create restorative spaces in their homes, complete with cosy furniture, crystal-inspired accents and makeshift massage beds.

If you’re a well-being brand…

Make sure that you’re there when they search for self-care. Inspire them to create their very own at-home sanctuary, by creating collections ads featuring essential oil diffusers, chic massage tables and vibey candles.

If you’re a tech brand…

Lighting and sound are essential to creating any mood. From light bulbs to speakers, create tech packages to help people to make their home feel like a full-on retreat.

Pinterest search results for emotional escape rooms. A white free-standing bath is in front of a blue wall, a large window and a patterned tile floor. A Black woman with short blonde hair dances at a window. Three red, oval hanging lamps are on the bottom left-hand side. A Pin of a room, with a shawl draped over a wicker chair and a standing plant near other wicker furniture, is on the right. The text reads ‘Lofteriorista, set up your sanctuary, explore home goods’. The description at the top reads ‘Home accessories to create a cosy space‘.

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