Resources to help your small business succeed on Pinterest

3 March, 2021

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It’s never easy to be an entrepreneur, but this past year has brought even more challenges than usual. And for many small businesses, it’s more important than ever to get their digital marketing right.

At Pinterest, we’re continuing to invest in new tools and programmes to help small businesses thrive—no matter their size or budget. Read on for a list of resources, products and insights that can help your business grow.

Reach active shoppers

Free shopping tools and shopping ads can help boost your reach.

Product Pins

This special format displays helpful info like pricing and availability, right on the Pin. Upload your feed to turn your whole catalogue into Pins at once. Don’t have a catalogue? You can still create product Pins by connecting your site to Pinterest.

Use our proprietary insights

See what your audience is looking for, and create more relevant ads.

Audience Insights

Use our custom dashboards to learn about your audience reach, what they’re into and how they compare to other Pinners. 

Pinterest Trends

Research specific search terms and see how trends evolve over time.

The Point

Keep an eye on The Point for our latest consumer research and trend reports.

Get personalised performance data

Look at what’s working so far and find insights to improve your performance.

Pinterest Analytics

Our main analytics dashboard shows an overview of Pin performance so you can see what’s driving the most engagement, impressions or clicks. 

Conversion insights

Look at your organic and paid conversions together, in a single dashboard. You can filter between different views to see your conversion overview, or dig into granular details.

Partner with experts

Get more out of Pinterest by working with the pros. 

Pinterest Partners

Find approved partners to help you scale creative, ads and more. 

Ads consultations

Apply for hands-on training with the Pinterest team. If you qualify, you’ll get personalised tips and campaign guidance.

Learn and connect

Pinterest Business Community
Speak with other businesses who use Pinterest to grow.

Ads Manager guide

Learn about helpful tools and tricks to get the most out of Ads Manager.