New Pinterest shopping features to help people find what they actually love

6 October 2021Jon Kaplan

On Pinterest, shopping is about finding what you actually love. It’s about discovering products you never even knew existed—that you maybe don’t even have the words to describe.

People who use Pinterest weekly are 2.2x more likely to say it’s the most influential platform in their purchase journey vs. social media platforms.1 That’s why, as of today, we’re dramatically expanding our suite of shopping solutions for advertisers. Now, it’s easier than ever to reach and convert Pinterest shoppers, primed to purchase.

Slideshow for collections

Shoppers on Pinterest have 30% bigger baskets than shoppers on other platforms and they spend twice as much per month.2 Today, we’re announcing a new solution to help advertisers encourage that bigger basket behavior: slideshow for collections. 

Slideshow for collections pulls products from your catalog into an automatically generated, attention-grabbing collections ad. This new feature helps you easily produce lightweight, video-like hero content that’s dynamically created and tailored to every shopper. 

We developed slideshow for collections based on two key insights about Pinterest shoppers. One: they love video. And second, they’re actively considering and browsing more than one product at a time, leading to bigger baskets.  

Pin showing a white cup and saucer above three images of the cup and saucer, hand-crank nut cracker and two blue pillows, for a brand called Schoolhouse with the caption, enjoy up to 70% off, shop the spring edit

Slideshow for collections

Collection Pin showing a white cup and saucer above two images of the cup and saucer and hand-crank nut cracker, including product details

Product details on a slideshow for collections ad

Merchant details and the Verified Merchant Program

Shoppers on Pinterest don’t just fall in love with products—they fall in love with brands. In fact, 7 in 10 Pinners say that Pinterest is where they go to find new products, ideas or services they can trust.3

That behaviour inspired today’s launch for merchant details, which lets you showcase your values on your Pinterest profile. Select from brand values like “responsibly sourced,” “invested in good” and “inclusive” to display on your profile. You can also add details that highlight a community you belong to, such as “Black-owned,” “Latinx-owned,” “Woman-owned,” “LGBTQ+ owned,” “Disability-owned” and more. 

Pin on a blue background for a brand called Bluxome, featuring a light pink scarf draped across a white chair and including values-based badges: eco-friendly, inclusive and invested in good

We’ve also expanded the Verified Merchant Program, which helps shoppers find vetted brands. It’s now available in several more countries, including Austria, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland. Verified Merchants get enhanced distribution on Pinterest, as well as a special “verified” badge that helps build Pinner trust. This latest expansion grows our global network of merchants vetted for trustworthiness with high-quality products and customer-friendly policies.

Idea Ads with paid partnership

Creators are an essential part of Pinterest, bringing expertise and inspirational content onto the platform. We’re rapidly expanding our tools to help creators make money on Pinterest—and that’s bringing new partnership opportunities for brands and advertisers, too.  

Building on our immersive Idea Pin format, we’re testing Idea Ads with paid partnership. This new format is a joint partnership between creators and advertisers. The creator makes an Idea Pin, and tags a brand partner. From there, the advertiser can promote the Idea Pin as an Idea Ad. This kind of partnership helps both businesses and creators scale their content and reach a broader audience. Idea Ads are currently being tested with a select group of creators and brands in 15 countries, and will expand to more audiences soon.4

Where shopping is fun again

Our research shows that shoppers on Pinterest are 40% more likely to say they love shopping, compared to people who don’t use Pinterest.2 That’s because Pinterest was designed with inspiration in mind, at every part of the purchase journey. 

Our new shopping campaign celebrates this unique journey, showing how people go from open-ended discovery, to finding what they actually love. Make sure to keep an eye out for the full campaign, coming in November.

Your customer isn't coming to Pinterest to hunt for likes, or see what everybody else is doing. They're looking to find what they actually love. If you’re not already using Pinterest for shopping, upload your catalog to get started today.