Volkswagen Switzerland show off their new car models via video ads optimised for mobile on Pinterest. The results? Competitive video metrics and an engagement rate 2.5 times higher than on other platforms.

Volkswagen has always provided affordable mobility solutions to millions of people. Now, they’re aiming to become a CO2-neutral company by 2050 and make electromobility accessible to everyone.

But at Volkswagen, the innovative spirit isn’t limited to product development. The company also wants to set the benchmark in terms of communication, which is why Switzerland’s first car manufacturer decided to explore new advertising opportunities on Pinterest. Volkswagen’s three new models, amongst them the ID.3—Volkswagen’s first model conceived as a fully electric car—are in the spotlight. Their goal was to raise awareness and build brand awareness amongst Pinners.

Key results:


lower CPM vs. other channels1


higher engagement rate vs. other platforms1


Brands can reach Pinners at the exact moment they’re searching for inspiration or planning an important moment in their lives. To achieve this in the most efficient way possible, the Volkswagen team opted for an array of video ads optimised for mobile.

Pinterest’s Creative Best Practices were pivotal when it came to the creation of video ads, e.g., limiting the length to a maximum of 15 seconds or including a text overlay with a strong call to action.

The campaign’s success was measured based on video performance metrics such as video views, cost per view, and cost per completed view. Furthermore, the engagement rate (as indicated through the number of link clicks and saves) was significant.

“We highly value innovative, forward-thinking solutions. This also goes for our communication, and Pinterest exceeded our expectations for the launch of our new car models. Once again, it shows that a mobile-first philosophy is crucial, as this allowed us to efficiently tap into new target groups. The cost per completed view for the ID.3 turned out 3x more efficient than on other platforms. The high engagement rate is a further indicator of our campaign’s relevance and activation potential.”

Melanie Felder
Head of Marketing Communication Volkswagen at AMAG


The results of this highly effective and cost-efficient campaign on Pinterest proved conclusive for Volkswagen Switzerland. One of the leading indicators of success were the costs related to the video metrics. The CPCV for the promotion of the ID.3 was 3x lower—while the CPM was 29% lower—than it was on other platforms.

Furthermore, a new target group has opened up for Volkswagen Switzerland on Pinterest. Pinners are known for their active “consideration mindset,” as they’re always on the lookout for something new. More proof of success? The engagement rate, which was notably higher than it was on other outlets.

Tips for your next campaign
Try these Pinterest best practices to get more out of your ads:

Ensure that videos featuring a ratio of 1:1 or 2:3 are displayed correctly both on mobile and desktop.

Start strong and show the most relevant information at the beginning of the video.

Optimise your campaign with a view to boosting awareness – while also using a targeting strategy based on interests – to achieve the best possible performance, as well as cost-efficient CPC and CPCVs.

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