Reaching style lovers and budding interior decorators on Pinterest

On Polyvore, members use products from retailers around the web to create and share “sets”, virtual collages for things like date night outfits and cosy living rooms. Since people save more than 5 million fashion Pins and 5 million home décor Pins every day, it should come as no surprise that more than 90% of Polyvore members are also Pinners. 

“We'd be hard pressed to find a style-savvy community that isn't totally crazy about Pinterest! Polyvore members are no exception - they get fashion and design inspiration from just about everywhere (such as their favourite social networks) and they adore sharing the looks they create themselves” said Vishwa Ranjan, Group Product Manager at Polyvore.

1000 %
more saved Pins
30 %
increase in repeated visits
Vishwa Ranjan
Group Product Manager, Polyvore
“Each month, the Polyvore community Pins hundreds of thousands of looks to Pinterest. This made Pinterest and Polyvore a match made in heaven, where anyone who's passionate about style can discover, share and shop across two of their favourite platforms.”
Making it easier to save great finds with the Pinterest API

When the beta version of the Pinterest Developers Platform launched, Polyvore was excited to be one of the first businesses to jump onboard. Polyvore used the Pinterest API to help their members automatically save their sets as Pins. Members can now easily save any products or sets they like on Polyvore to Pinterest too.

“Our users love Pinterest, so any way we can make it easy for them to share to Pinterest delights them. They’ve always asked for an easier way to share their finds on Pinterest” Ranjan said.

By making it easier to save content, Polyvore’s gained a big boost in distribution on Pinterest. The number of Pins saved from Polyvore has jumped by a whopping 1000%, and the number of sets that members are sharing when they create collages has gone from 15% to 25%.

Since people are saving more, they’re also using Polyvore more. Clicks from Pinterest have increased by 35%. Plus, Pinners account for 70% of all clicks from Polyvore to retail sites.

“We have had great success with this integration. Pinterest is by far the top network in terms of number of shares. It’s also the top network in terms of traffic” said Ranjan.