Their goal

Forevermark bring hand-selected, beautiful and responsibly sourced diamonds to customers who care as much about where a diamond comes from as they do about its quality. Forevermark are active across many media platforms, including Search. However, keywords for luxury products can be extravagantly priced. To complement their Search campaign, Forevermark turned to Pinterest to boost engagement with education. Pinterest's dynamics provide the perfect combination of search and browsing – and the chance to reach future customers at the point of inspiration.

4 x
higher engagement than the vertical average
50 %
higher than average save rate
18 %
of impressions were earned
Colby Shergalis
Vice President, Marketing & Communications, Forevermark US
“Pinterest combines search and browsing perfectly, allowing us to reach our female target consumer both early on in her search, when she is looking to be inspired, and later, when she is further along the purchase cycle and looking for a specific diamond shape or style.”
Key insights

Shopping for a high-intent luxury purchase is different from shopping for everyday goods: people take the time to do their research in order to feel confident about their investment.

Pinterest helps luxury brands influence customers when they’re most receptive to new ideas and products. Because people on Pinterest start saving wedding inspiration ideas – such as engagement rings – an average of 2.5 years before tying the knot (and because 51% will use Pinterest to help them plan for the big day) brands such as Forevermark can be the first to reach this lucrative, soon-to-be-engaged market.

Wedding-related content is incredibly welcome on Pinterest, with 39 million people saving 938 million Pins about weddings. Once saved, Pins effectively live forever: people can come back to them later when they’re thinking about buying. Brands benefit from this behaviour because they stay top of mind as a customer moves down the luxury purchase funnel.

Their solution

Forevermark saw an opportunity to be the "source of truth" regarding all things diamond engagement rings for an affluent, yet-to-be-engaged audience. With the help of Brand Networks, a marketing partner and Mindshare North America, they launched an education campaign that sparked interactions without making people feel that they were explicitly being sold to. For example, their top-performing Pin was a simple but beautiful image of different engagement ring settings, which linked back to the Forevermark website.

Because they were targeting their audience early in the consideration cycle, Forevermark used general keywords such as “engagement rings”, “diamond jewellery” and “wedding ideas”. They opted for CPE bidding to reach people who were more likely to engage with their content, and they automated their campaign so that top-performing Pins got more exposure.

“It’s really important for us to reach our consumer at that zero moment of truth when she is expressing intent" said Colby Shergalis, VP of Marketing and Communications at Forevermark. "Pinterest allows us to influence her with our brand value proposition before she has already made up her mind. Pinterest allows us to easily scale up and reach new audiences in a contextually relevant environment cost efficiently. It’s a great complement to our search advertising strategy.” 

  • Engagement rates were 4x higher than the vertical average, which means Forevermark’s audience is getting closer to action
  • 50% higher than average save rate, generating valuable earned media (free impressions) for the brand
  • 18% of impressions were earned, thanks to Forevermark’s save rate.
What works

Suggestions from Forevermark: 

  • Get there first: Pinterest lets you connect with your target customers before they even know they need you. Use Promoted Pins to reach them when they’re most receptive.
  • Use search targeting: Search is one of the most common behaviours on Pinterest. Take advantage of this by placing your brand in front of your customers as they are just starting to think about their engagement or plan their wedding.
  • Be helpful: people are more likely to save Pins they find useful, so focus on educating your audience before you start selling to them.
  • Partner up: a marketing partner can help you create a winning campaign.

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