Cultura Colectiva

Fuelling global expansion with Rich Pins and Pinterest Analytics

Using article Pins to promote their content and Pinterest Analytics to understand trends, the media company grew their organic traffic by 4x and increased daily viewers and daily impressions by 10x in just 18 months.

4 x
increase in organic traffic YOY
900 %
increase in average daily impressions
Their goal

Increasing traffic and global reach

Cultura Colectiva is a media company that creates original content centred on popular culture, the arts, socio-political issues and technology. The editorial itself is primarily in Spanish, developed by and for Latin American millennials, but also includes unique English content aimed at entertaining, informing and inspiring readers. As the platform generates content based on data analysis, Cultura Colectiva combines the power of media with the power of technology.

Looking to grow their readership globally, Cultura Colectiva were looking for ways to increase organic traffic to their site. They also wanted to diversify their traffic sources beyond Facebook and increase their engagement with a particular audience: people interested in street-style fashion trends.

With more than 200 million monthly active users worldwide, Pinterest was the ideal partner to help Cultura Collectiva achieve all of its goals. Pinterest users in Mexico save 4 million Pins every day, and over 20 million fashion Pins every month.1

Alejandro Campos
Head of Content and Audience Development
“Unlike other platforms, you aren’t limited by the need for a huge number of followers in order to achieve your business goals on Pinterest. You can grow and expand your audience reach organically and really let your content shine.”
Their solution

Reading into millennial trends

Cultura Colectiva used a number of different products in their Pinterest campaign. First, to make it easier for new and existing users to save their content, they installed the Save button on their website. The Save button adds the easily recognisable red Pinterest logo button to every article and encourages readers to save more Pins to their boards.

Next, for their own boards, Cultura Colectiva created article Pins, a type of Rich Pin that show a headline, author and story description on the Pin itself. These make it easy for Pinners to see where articles are coming from, helping to build brand awareness for the content site.

Once they had boosted activity on their site and Pinterest boards, Cultura Colectiva learned that Pinterest was most useful when it came to planning and creating editorial content. Pinterest Analytics makes it clear what content performs the best, illustrating trends in fashion, lifestyle, home décor, tattoos, design and illustration. For example, wardrobe organisation tips and tattoos for men were consistently top-clicked Pins for the content platform during the first 18 months of the ongoing campaign. Cultura Colectiva use the data to plan future articles.

By saving new Pins daily and checking Pinterest Analytics to see what got the most clicks and saves, the editorial team also use engagement statistics to optimise visuals and copy for the next day’s Pins.

Their results

900% more daily impressions, viewers

Using Pinterest, the content platform has achieved all of its goals, expanding its global reach and bringing more readers to the website. Cultura Colectiva’s article Pins have increased organic traffic to their site year on year by 4x.

Between 1 June 2016 and 30 November 2017, average daily impressions on the website increased by 912.73%, and average daily viewers increased by 897.13%.


1Pinterest internal data, 2017

Alejandro Campos
Head of Content and Audience Development
“Cultura Colectiva will continue gathering insights using Pinterest Analytics to increase community and referral traffic. We’re also excited about the increase in Pinterest adoption here in Latin America – it’s an enormous opportunity to expand our reach.”