CIBC’s brand relaunch campaign aimed to drive home the message that CIBC can help make Canadians’ ambitions real. They wanted the campaign to grow awareness of their new brand and build consideration among current and potential customers. Working with Pinterest, they targeted key audience segments and used contextual creative tailored to each group to move the needle on purchase consideration and brand favourability. The results? A 14% lift in those considering using CIBC for their next financial product or service1 —a remarkable feat for CIBC’s first campaign with Pinterest.

CIBC is one of Canada’s most prominent banks. In recent years, they’ve undergone a significant transformation and launched a rebrand to reflect their key purpose: to help people achieve their goals. The next step was making sure Canadians knew about it, so they were looking to both raise awareness and drive consideration.

CIBC knew that, like them, Pinterest helps make its users’ ambitions a reality. It’s a platform where people go to create a life they love, and a place where they’re actively thinking about their goals and planning for their future. And they wanted users to discover CIBC in those moments. Everything pointed towards Pinterest being an ideal partner for CIBC’s advertising efforts.


lift in brand perception agreeing that CIBC “helps them to achieve their goals”1


lift in consideration1

Careful targeting and tailored creative
The Pinterest team came onboard early, helping CIBC by providing key insights into user interests and segments, aligned with their target groups.

CIBC used video ads featuring prominent branding and the “ambitions made real” tagline to achieve greater breakthroughs. They identified important life stages and moments for their targeted segments, such as travel, home renovation, starting a small business, education and weddings. Then, they worked with their creative agency to build custom creative tailored to these interests and mindsets, making them contextually relevant.

“By allowing CIBC to be discovered on Pinterest in a contextually relevant way, the campaign became much more personalized. And being more personal helps make it real for people—they understand that we’re a partner that can help them at that moment in their life.”

Christine Kasij, Social Media Director, CIBC

Context is king
CIBC was impressed with the results and early impact of their first paid campaign on the platform.

Pinners received CIBC’s message loud and clear. They recorded a 15% lift with users agreeing that CIBC can help them “achieve their goals”. Furthermore, the campaign moved the needle on consideration metrics, achieving a 14% lift in intent amongst people who would consider switching to CIBC for their next financial service or product.

CIBC plans to build on this success, testing full-funnel and conversion optimized campaigns for various product lines. They’ll continue to focus their marketing efforts on the segments they target in future campaigns and ensure their content is relevant to each segment, their interests, mindset and stage of life.

Tips for your next campaign
Try these Pinterest best practices to get more out of your ads.

Be contextually relevant—align your brand with key audience interests, mindsets and adjacent targeting opportunities.

Stay broad with your awareness campaigns to achieve high reach and drive awareness at scale.

Use video to break through and make sure to optimize your creative, featuring logos and other brand assets prominently throughout.