Casa Vogue

Expanding reach and driving traffic

Casa Vogue, part of the Globo Condé Nast group, explore the best of style, design, architecture and art in their premier print magazine and on their website. They started using Pinterest in 2014 and gained impressive results in a short amount of time. Pinterest helps Casa Vogue reach an audience that’s craving beautiful images of houses, amazing architecture projects and the best in design. Taking advantage of the high-quality images already on their website, they use Pinterest to organise their stylish content into inspiring themed boards. Casa Vogue’s top board features Brazilian Houses, but people can’t resist admiring (and saving) their beautiful Swimming Pool board as well.

“Pinterest is a natural and perfect medium to inform and inspire readers about décor, design, architecture and art” said Marcela Tavares, Digital Strategy Manager of Globo Condé Nast. Admired industry professionals are also invited to contribute to mood boards that represent their work, which are then featured in the magazine and promoted on Casa Vogue’s website and other social platforms. Casa Vogue also pay close attention to Pinterest Analytics to see which Pins are popular with their audience.

To make it easier for readers to save great design and décor ideas, Casa Vogue added the Save button to every image on their website. This strategy doubled the number of Pins saved from their site, increasing their brand visibility as well as saves and referral traffic. They also added the Follow button to all articles to encourage readers to become part of their Pinterest community.  

2 x
increase in Pins saved
3 x
increase in impressions and clicks
Adding Pins consistently

Casa Vogue add fresh Pins at least 3x a week to regularly engage Pinners and promote their latest ideas and designs. They keep Pinners interested with fun and detailed Pin descriptions that are typically more than four lines long. This not only makes their content more appealing, but also helps new audiences find their Pins, increasing their overall reach. “Pinterest is always on our minds when it's time to attract more engaged, qualified readers” said Tavares.

Marcela Tavares
Digital Strategy Manager, Globo Condé Nast
“Pinterest is a natural and perfect medium to inform and inspire readers about décor, design, architecture and art.”

Here's what Casa Vogue saw this year compared with last year:

  • 2x increase in Pins saved
  • 3x increase in impressions and clicks
  • 5x increase in website traffic from Pinterest (according to Similar Web)
  • In 2016, readers coming from Pinterest spent 71% more time on their website
  • In terms of pages per visit, the audience from Pinterest visits 31% more pages than the average reader
What works

Tips from Casa Vogue: 

  • Implement the Save button on all images to make it easy for people to save your content and increase referral traffic.
  • Add insightful, rich descriptions to Pins to attract new audiences and inspire people on Pinterest to visit your site.
  • Add Pins on a regular basis to keep people on Pinterest engaged.
  • Promote Pinterest boards on your website and other social platforms.