Hot horology

Collage of different clocks and watches. A white hand is holding a leather wristwatch on the left, with a big, metal wristwatch in the centre. A large, pink clock with black hands is in the background, behind a tree trunk with colourful wrist watches on the trunk. A melting clock is on the right.

The original tick tock

Maybe it’s a sign of the times, but people are more into clocks and watches than ever. Oversized clocks as décor, old-school watch bracelets and luxury men’s watches will define 2022 style, particularly for Gen X and boomers.

Collage of large and small white clocks, with black clock hands and black trim.

Two wrists are sporting yellow, black and gold watches, with a hand holding a large, silver watch on the left.

Creator Spotlight

Timing is key for Rudy Lauer; so is a good watch. This French Creator and men’s fashion expert helps his community to style classic, versatile pieces for every season. Follow Rudy and learn how to accessorise any outfit for a modern, Paris-approved look.

‘Maybe it’s the Parisian in me speaking, but I think that watches are tried-and-tested classics. There’s charm and character in having an analogue accessory. I see it as a must-have for street style this year.’

Local spotlight

Hot horology in France

It’s about time horology gets the attention it deserves. One market where this trend will take off is France, where the focus in 2022 will be on the splurge. The French are adding beautiful watches to their collections and are contributing to the collections of others too, as gifts. 

Trending search terms in France²

Bring this trend to life

If you’re a tech brand…

Use trends-based video ads to call out upgraded technology features and cool new watch styles. But if your product offers an analog watch face feature, market this, too—some people just want to tell time the old‑fashioned way.

If you’re a fashion brand…

Highlight classic luxury watches along with contemporary, sustainable styles to help people to invest in their new favourite statement accessory.

If you’re a home décor brand…

Use slideshows for collections ads to showcase oversized clocks and clocks as wall decor. You’ll be the tock of the town.

Pinterest search results for colourful watches. A Black woman in pink with a hand on her hip is wearing a pink wristwatch. White hands, one wearing a red wristwatch, the other wearing a green one, are on the top right and bottom left. A Pin of a yellow watch against a purple background, with the words ‘Technicolour timepiece’ above it, is on the right. Underneath, are the words ‘Shop colourful watches’. The description at the top reads ‘Explore watches by colour’.

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